Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sorry And Angry "Updated"

I am really very sorry and angry for what happened in Naj Hammadi yesterday. It hurts me more than the Egyptian Christians because what happened is against all Egyptians. What is more coward than attacking innocent people coming from a holy place on of their holiest eve. It is disgusting and sad.
My condolences to the families of those who were killed  and injured in this disgusting attack.
I do not care about the reasons behind this attack , the ministry of interior says that this attack has to do with the rape of 12 years old Muslim girl by a Christian in the city from several months ago and with my all respect this is ridiculous , fighting a crime by a group of crimes. I blame the ministry of interior in all of this , if there is a real respect and fear of the law nothing of this could happen. The ministry boldly announced a name of one of the suspected shooters and he is classified as dangerous wanted criminal with a file in the State security !! Are they serious ?? Why a person like him is let loose like that to kill innocent citizens creating a sectarian division.
Early morning in Naj Hammadi nearly 2000 Egyptian Christians have protested in the city . There were protests in front of Naj Hammadi hospital where the victims are.
Angry Protesters in Naj Hammadi
Here is a video via Wael Abbas shot yesterday from the Church after the attack “Warning : viewer’s discretion is required”

I am so angry and so sorry.
Updated : 
  • Check Pakinam Amer's coverage live from Naj Hammadi ,also I hugely recommend you read her report in Al Masry Al Youm English
  • Pakinam is currently saying that there is a huge clash between the anti-riot forces and the angry Christians in town who took the streets to express their violently smashing car windows and closed shops. The Police is firing shots in air and things are going from bad to worse. 
  • This is the saddest Orthodox Christmas I believe
  • The clashes there are getting ugly ,really ugly


  1. Terrible that this happens in Egypt. I wonder what their true intensions were in order to shoot those people. =\

  2. This is ridiculous, this has nothing to do with rape or religion... It's a CLEAR national security Issue.

    Anonymously Opening fire on members of a religious, ethnic or political group is de facto method to disturb social stability somewhere, i think if there's ever a "Starting Conflicts for Dummies" or "Covert Operations 101" class, then this is definitely lesson 01!

    Ireland, Iraq,Gaza... the trick never gets old apparently!

  3. Please read the following article
    "Welcome to Orwell’s World"
    by John Pilger

    By the way divide and conquer is the standard strategy of the West and the zionist colony.

    Never ever forget it!

    This applicable here, in this case , but it is also very much applicable to the Theft and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

    Please read the article.

    Thank you for you blog

  4. @Medsha, The police is saying that it is related to the rape incident of a 12 years old year Muslim girl by a Christian man :( it is sad and pathetic and again the fault of the Police , if they arrested this man and he received the proper punishment nothing of this could happen

    @!!?? I agree 100% , this is a matter of a national security

    @Masry Hor , some people do not want to read history to learn from mistakes , we are repeating these mistakes over and over with no use I do not know till when


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