Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meanwhile Last Night At The Cathedral

Meanwhile last night at the cathedral Gamal Mubarak attended 

Gamal in Church in 2010

Gamal in Church in 2010 -2
 Unfortunately what happened to the Egyptian Christians last night is in the best interest of Gamal despite the fact it is the result of his father's regime disrespect to the law. It turned that the suspect ; the wanted criminal with a file in the state security was set free from jail thanks to the influence of local NDP members who needed his valuable services in Parliamentary elections time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I understand now why many Christians in Egypt support Gamal , they have more reasons to support him as the Church considers him the protector from the radical Muslims who will jump on the chair as so as Mubarak leaves the building.
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  1. Im not getting your logic here. a) Some church figures announced they support Gamal but that doesnt mean all Egyptian Christians or even most do, especially now that there are other potential names w/o religious platforms like Baradi. b) If the suspect was released because of the influence of NDP members and for doing services for the NDP in elections shouldnt that make more Christians angry at the NDP and its leaders topped by Gamal (in fact Im Muslim and will be even more angry if that news is true)? and c)The clashes with the security are clear indication of how the Christians viewed the security direct or indirect role in this so, how does all that translate as more support for Gamal from Egyptian Christians?

  2. @anonymous , when Pope Shnouda III himself announces that he will support along the Church Gamal Mubarak than it is more than some Church figure, just like previous elections.
    ElBaradei despite being a liberal who believes that religion has not place in the State is not that popular because among his principles political democracy and freedom to everyone including the Muslim brotherhood , the boogy man of the Christians.
    The Church men are scaring the people of democracy that may bring them the MB and other Islamists to rule especially with foreign reports confirming that
    The clashes are not an indicator , if you remember before the Presidential elections we had the scandal of that ex-monk and Al nba newspapers
    Gamal Mubarak and the regime are the best worse choice according to the Church

  3. Well, Sheik Al Azhar also supports Gamal that doesnt mean that all Egyptian Muslims will follow him blindly. I do know that Pope Shenouda's opinion of course matters to Egyptian Orthodox Christians but I just fail to understand the logic that they will all follow in blindly.
    Most news reports of recent have been indicating what we also know that nobody knows what will happen and that while MB getting to power is a possibility it is still a distant one, they are not even accepted by all Egyptian Muslims. I've read all the interviews with El Baradi and not in one did he say he is fine with having religiously based political parties.
    If you read comments by Christian readers below the Naga Hamadi news you will see that many are saying weve seen no security and thats wt the regime/Gamal can do.
    I dnt get your point about the ex-monk at all.
    Gamal or an person who will continue the same line of the regime will bring the country down. I hope what happened makes all of us Egyptians realize that we the ppl need to get serious about demanding changes or else we will all live in fear and might not have a homeland proper for our kids


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