Monday, January 18, 2010

Photos From Naj Hammadi’s Activists Detention

Amira El-Tahawi was among the activists who were arrested for no reason last weekend in Naj Hammadi and she wrote a quick post with photos taken by her mobile phone from detention. Amira’s mobile was among the few means of communications the activists used to communicate with the outside world. Amira hided it well thank Goodness.

Anyhow the U.S State department  has issued a statement condemning the arrest of the activists and you can expect a huge controversy regarding that statement . The official media found it as a golden opportunity to attack the activists and show them to their fellow Egyptians as bad conspirators where as some nationalists who are against the regime also do not like this American interferer. I respect these nationalists but  it is neither the activists’ mistake nor the State department but it is rather the regime’s mistake to arrest these activists in the first place for no reason.

Moving to the Parliament , well the Parliament today witnessed a fight between Georgette Kalni , the appointed Christian MP and Fathi Sorror , the speaker of the assembly. Kalni is vocal about the Naj Hammadi incident and is attacking the government and the Bishop Kyrillos  , she is insisting that the attack was sectarian where as the government or rather the regime is insisting that it is an individual one. Kalni is being attacked fiercely in the regime’s press by the way. Ahmed Moussa , the ministry of interior’s man in the media hinted directly by bold headlines that Kalni may be used by other Church men back in Cairo to hit Kyrillos. I know it sounds strange by as you may know Pope Shnouda III is not that well and just like Mubarak the speculations about who will be the next Pope is a huge issue of its own , yes the Pope is elected but of course there are other calculations whether from money or politics or religion. Honestly I thought of this possibility but I fear that this is not our main issue here , people have died and it is beyond the Church now because we are speaking about a national security matter.

Moussa is defending NDP MP El-Gol as expected . El-Gol from his side is accusing his rival in the city of spreading rumors about him as if the people there did not see Kamoni beside him all the time.

Going back to both the parliament and also Bishop Kyrillos whose role in the Naj Hammadi Christmas massacre seems to be growing more and more darker , Christian MP Ibtasam Habib has accused him of knowing Kamoni before. Habib did not stop at here but she claimed that Kyrillos used to pay protection rackets to Kamoni.  The bishop has attacked Habib just like he did with Kalni yet surprisingly he did not  denying knowing Kamoni !! The bishop said that he met the convict twice from couple of years ago only and that he does not pay money to anyone . Habib’s accusation is very dangerous because now we can have new motive according to this claim that goes consistent with the bishop’s early statement that attack was targeting him in the first place . Protection rackets are very common in Upper Egypt and so  simply he did not pay the usual racket and thus Kamoni went mad after all it is money that makes people like him to kill not honor for God sake !! This is just madness !!

The mystery of Naj Hammadi massacre will not end by the execution of Kamoni and gang , it will end if the truth is revealed.


  1. Thanks Zeinobia for offering possible reasons for this killing... But on what do you base your assumptions that perhaps the bishop's involved too? (no worries, I do not have a very good idea about the Coptic Church as an institution, I have the feeling they are trying to keep the Copts quiet and dumb in order to receive their government support... aka money and something similar to armed peace)

  2. @anonymous , changing his statements and insisting that he was the target not to mention receiving threats .. also he did not say that he used to know Kamoni before except when MP Habib confronted him
    I do not know but there is something is fishy about him


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