Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We Should Have Seen This Coming !!

Mr.Ahmed Ezz aka Chucky has proposed a law in the people’s assembly to legalize the trade of antiquities !!?? Yes to legalize the trade of antiquities !!

Farouk Hosni and Zahi Hawas have threatened to resign if this law is passed and  despite I wish not to see them in their official positions tomorrow still I respect their reaction even if it were public stunt !!

I do not know what to say except that we should have seen this coming. The country where everything is being sold even humans with the approval of the regime will sell its history as well

I do not understand Ezz , why does he want to legalize the trade of antiquities ??? Why does the NDP want something like this to be legalized !!??

The only answer I have and I must share with you is that it seems that some NDPian big tycoons are trading in antiquities and that’s why they want to legalize it , otherwise what is the point !!??

It is so provoking to find this sort of news when we are trying not only to fight this disgusting trade but also to restore back our stolen antiquities abroad !!?

I do not get how Ezz has the nerve to propose such corrupted rotten law !!?? The NDP can’t be serious , is this a publicity stunt so Mubarak comes in the end and saves the day just like what he did with the real estate tax law ??!!??

I really hope that Ezz and Co. will be hunted with the curse of the pharaohs soon enough !!


  1. Dear Zeinobia
    They are specialized in modifying laws upon their own requests and minds.
    Unfortunately, No rules in This Country.

  2. kindly translate all of your posts to your Arabic blog. Much obliged for this.

  3. Don't worry sweatheart !
    its only the beginning, in arab world everything is possible. even like u said selling our history! how low
    *sigh* allah y3en our next generation

  4. Dear all, I have a different point of view. Our antiquities could be rented to museums in the world. This could be a source of foreign currency, especialy from France, England, Germany, US and Japan that are very interested in our civilization. These antiquities could be rented for a determined period (for example 2 years) and should be returned at the end of the period.
    Unfortunately,nobody in Egypt cares about antiquities: as anyone in the street if he has ever visited Cairo museum or Tel El Amarna.
    Personally I dont like the idea of selling our history, but if we think in a different way, we can diffuse our culture by the way I described above.
    By the way, Zenobia, I am surprised by your latin blog (unfortunately I forgot a lot of words since I haven't read latin for several years now)since it is the first time I find someone writing in that language.

  5. @Sonnet , first all thanks for your suggestion and I am currently searching for an add on to translate my post in to Arabic
    Second my dear there is no law in this country nor respect , they do not respect this country at all despite it is the reason why they are rich

    @Shaima ,Amen ,I wonder what the next generations will say about us

    @Sakrquraysh , FYI we are doing this , the Tut exhibition which goes around the world is not for free
    Regarding My latin , well I always like to be different , I hope you enjoy it :)

  6. @Zenobia
    I am not talking about Tut exhibition, I am talking about doing this to a very large scale in several countries simultaneously and continuously.
    A museum like Louvre Museum is worth nothing without the egyptian exhibition (even if there are a lot of antiquities from other countries to see).

    Unfortunately I forgot most of my latin (and german :( ) due to lack of practice :(, but you encouraged me to practice it again :)


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