Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not Our Showtime in Egypt

Showtime Arabia network merged with Orbit network to become the biggest foreign entertainment cable network in the Arab region. The merger happened last year and since the announcement of the big news both networks promised its clients to enjoy the other networks channels and this what happened ..except in Egypt for Showtime subscribers

For the countries in the region except Egypt you can upgrade their subscriptions for only $5 !! Egypt's subscribers knew that they had to wait because they will pay more than the Gulf's subscribers. For months we waited and kept asking Showtime office in Egypt whose answer was either : " we don't know yet" and "Next Month"..etc.

For me and my family we want to upgrade the subscription so we can have "Al Youm" channel aka 'Al Qahera Al Youm" of Amr Adeeb.

Now since the 1st of February the Orbit Showtime network has become OSNetwork , some channels like super comedy and show comedy have become one channel , new channels have been added ; things seem to be great for the new network but not so great to the Old ShowTime subscribers in Egypt who still do not know what to do except to rescan their decoders to find the new channels like OSN variety scrambled !!

Our friends who have Orbit subscription got an option this week to upgrade their subscription to include 10 new channels to their package for LE45 where as up till now ShowTime Egypt knows nothing except that in March will release their HD decoder in the Gulf !!? I do not want a HD decoder , I want to know why the hell we have to wait all those months to upgrade our package where as all these channels are on the Egyptian Nile Sat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You upgraded just to see Amr Adeeb??!

  2. We have been wondering the same thing. We have both Orbit and Showtime & I can't figure out why, if they have combined, we can't get the same channels on both TVs. It's just confusing, and we have been told it's available everywhere except for Egypt.

  3. @anonymous , my dear I have not upgraded yet and now it is not Amr Adeeb , it is about all the shows that i like and suddenly they are mixed up

    @Vagabondblogger,I do not understand this logic behind keeping us like that in Egypt.

  4. Not only in Egypt...
    I'm IN Saudi Arabia, and even though i use their Showbox and i have a Platinum Plus package for almost 4000 SR "Full Package for all the channels", some channels got scrambled for weeks, lot of channels got lost like Discovery Travel & Living, Hollywood...etc... + the 3 HD channels "for sure"..+... let alone the messed up ratio aspect and pixilation of some programs like i'm watching a low Q YouTube clip..+..very little sitcoms with the OSN Variety nonsense...+...On Demand & Tv Guide problems...+.. constantly changing shows from Series to American plus and vice versa without any notice....... aaaaaaah i can go on & on & on..
    Plus The WORST customer service ever...........
    I always ask myself WHY to pay for an overpriced unbelievably LOW quality though i can get them for free ???
    maybe coz its the ethical thing to do.. !!.. either way one party is getting screwed up... customers Vs greedy company... YOU CHOOSE..

  5. @anonymous in Saudi Arabia , are you kidding me !!?? Even in KSA with the Platinum plus and showbox !!??
    We do not have yet Showbox and yes did you notice the low Quality of the video , did you notice how Grey's anatomy's video became so bad !!??

  6. Zeinobia said...
    @anonymous in Saudi Arabia,,,


    YUP..Exactly... hehehe... I share your frustration...

    and YES i've noticed that as well.. and the thing that bothers me the most is that theres noway to followthrough a whole season, you will always miss an episode some way or timing or channel changes.. even on On-Demand, they always leave a part of a season, and sometimes they upload them disorderly.. Thats why i always download my favorite shows by torrents "file sharing programs" for better quality and convenience...

    Unfortunately, my subscription will end on December, if they're gonna continue like this.. or not gonna show Conan O'brian "at least" till then.. :) ... i will not renew...

    Now with the lack of competition... it will only get worse..
    Regards, Faisal

  7. Can anyone tell me what is happening now with Showtime??? They advertised for months Dreambox owners would be disconnected but they didn't say that their own paying customers would be disconnected also !!! If you phone Showtime in Egypt it's a recorded message, there just doesn't seem to be anyone we can speak to anywhere and what is even more astonishing is that it doesn't seem to be in newspapers or forums anywhere.......what is going on?????


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