Egyptian Chronicles: Regarding The Nubian Issue

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Regarding The Nubian Issue

The case of Nubia is back again on the surface as a challenge the Mubarak regime is trying to ignore till it explodes like other problems we have in Egypt despite its negative effect on our national security. The problem that started after the constructing the high dam can be simply summarized that the government took the land from the Nubian Egyptians displacing them in order to build the dam yet unfortunately the three successive regimes did not and have not compensated them as they should.
They have not given them new land at lake Nasser as they were promised in 1960s instead of their land on the banks of the Nile that were used for the High Dam. They have not given them the appropriate money compensation they deserve. They also did not care to improve their living conditions in their new villages faraway from the Nile.
Now the case is being used against Egypt from time to time and some people want it to make as a repression case against minorities and ethnics internationally despite the fact that the same tragedy can happen to any other Egyptian in the country.
I will not speak about the previous regimes of Nasser and Sadat but I will speak about the current Mubarak regime which has been in rule for 28 years. What has the Mubarak regime done to the Egyptians at Nubia ?? Nothing despite the promising speeches and insistence on the Egyptian identity of Nubia.
The solutions of the Nubian issue are very simple and easy , allocate pieces of lands on lake Nasser banks to the people and improve their living conditions for real , of course the first suggestion is much easier than the later because I swear other villages in Egypt suffer as much as the villages of Nubia suffer in their own ways.
By the way you should know some interesting fact , suddenly Aswan has become a very hot spot for big hotel developments and construction companies in Egypt like for instance Amer Group is going to build Porto Aswan that will affect ecology in the area , OHD will build the Amoun Island resort , PHD along with Taj hotels will build a huge hotel there too. By the way back to OHD I found out that they have another project in Aswan on Lake Nasser , the same Lake the Nubian Egyptians should own land on its banks.
d8aed8b1d98ad8b7d8a9-d8a7d984d986d988d8a8d8a9-d8b4d8b1d983d8a9-d8a7d984d8a8d8add98ad8b1d8a7d8aa-d8b3d8a7d988d98ad8b1d8b31I am not against tourism investment in Aswan on the contrary but I believe our people's needs are more important. Yes these projects will provide jobs but not all the people there want to work in the tourism sector , they want their land back to cultivate it again like they have done thousands of years ago.
The Nubian Egyptians are unique part of the Egyptian mosaic in the country and we should work on keeping them in this mosaic.
Honestly the Nubian issue would have been solved like any other problem in this country through democracy and proper representation from a very long time.
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  1. But wait, Bakkar told me everything was ok. Please oh please tell me Bakkar wasn't tricking me!

  2. Sudanese Observer3/01/2010 05:13:00 PM

    The chickens are coming home to roost.

    Nasser's regime's crimes against the Nubians in Egypt *and Sudan* will never be forgotten.

    Good luck coming to terms with diversity, fair representation, pluralism and maybe even political correctness.

  3. I translated in Bulgarian this posting. Thank you Zenobia for your work!


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