Egyptian Chronicles: Follow Up ; IOL Strike Online Day 2

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Follow Up ; IOL Strike Online Day 2

For the second day the journalists and editors of Islam Online are having a sit in in the international website HQ in 6th of October. It seems that the negotiations of yesterday between the Qatari administration and the Journalists did not work well as we have assumed. For the record the Qatari administration has disabled IOL Cairo office's editorial control to update the website itself. Also interesting enough the Website does not cover the current clashes in the occupied territories which are escalating to possible uprising !!??
Ahmed Abdel Fatah is there and along with others like Ghafari keeping us updated in twitter about what can be considered the first strike to be transferred online on air.
Here are photos from the strike by the camera of Abdel Fatah who is currently there

You can still follow the strike online on air through the live stream below

Live streaming video by Ustream
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