Egyptian Chronicles: The Proxy That May Change Egypt

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Proxy That May Change Egypt

Here is the proxy the Egyptian regime ordered our Egyptian embassy to refuse and the ministry of justice is currently fighting. This proxy may and may not be the second proxy that will a play a very important role in the modern time of the oldest nation of history !!?? God only knows what lays in the future.

This is the official proxy adopted by the national front for Change headed by Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei by which we can amend our constitution fulfilling the seven demands ElBaradei mentioned before. If you are interested ,you can fill the form and send back to the official campaign of Dr. ElBaradei on this email : 

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei Proxy

Now Dr. Mohamed Ghoniam , the famous and respectable doctor and scientist in Mansour has been chosen as the general coordinator of the front in Mansoura, I am so happy that respectable man has joined

Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei will return back home insh Allah either next Week or the Week after insh Allah and he will have his first public meeting insh Allah in Fayoum , yes Fayoum and I think he chose Fayoum as answer to the attack on his supporter Dr.Taha Abdel Tawab.

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  1. I hope the Egyptian people will sign this proxy and support to a new Change in Egypt!


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