Monday, March 15, 2010

Islam Online Strike Online

Islam Online editors and journalists are having a strike since the morning , their new Qatari radical administration is threatening to call state security !! Now Islam Online has transferred their strike after the threat in to a new level :Online one. Currently there is negotiation between  the administration and the journalists who are facing layoffs without any consideration to their rights and their efforts in making Islam Online one of the biggest Islamic updated websites online internationally.

You can follow the strike below

The new Qatari administration is said to be a very conservative one that believes the Website should stick to conservative religious issue and removed other sections

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  1. I'm outraged to the point of tears. More proof that the endless resources of a narrow, ultraconservative group is overpowering everyone else. This website has been a beacon of hope and modernity, a place where the majority of Muslims feel right at home because it was relatively more inclusive than any other mainstream Islamic website. The removal of Islamonline in it's current form will be a severe blow to modern Islam and average Muslims.


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