Thursday, March 11, 2010

It Is Normal Thing , Why Are You So Shocked !!??

So the Saudi gay Police officer imposer has become an internet sensation , I only know about it through LA Times Middle East blog then I found it in Huffington post with tons of comments and this was just the start.
Unfortunately I have seen the video which I could not complete because it is so sick and gross , call me homophobic or whatever but it is so sick and gross.
Now I do not need to speak about Islam and homosexuality and remind you that Islam is not the only religion in the whole world that denounces and rejects homosexuality nor shall I speak about on how the East will not be the West
Also I will not defend the Saudi regime and its acts not to mentions its human rights records but of course it will not harm to say that if the Saudi regime had a better human rights records may be the whole matter would not be enlarged like that.
 But I will speak or rather wonder why a gay man who lives in a country like Saudi Arabia post a suggestive video online like that on YouTube !!??
I just want to understand what they were thinking when they uploaded this video !!?? Did they believe that this vice supervision authority or whatever is called will let them go !!??
I do not have any doubt if this video was in Egypt, the same thing would have happened. 
Homosexuality is there in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf , this is a fact we already know from a long time and unlike what the West think part of its spread is the segregation between sexes as I believe.


  1. What about homosexuality in Egypt?? Do you have any records ?

  2. well we do have homosexuals in Egypt and we can´t deny them despite the legal ,social and religious ¨Muslim or Christian¨rejection. There are records and studies about them

  3. The goggles, they do nothing! Eye bleach please.


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