Thursday, March 11, 2010

Breaking News : What If It Was Not Benign??

And so all the people in Egypt who did not buy president Mubarak’s gallbladder operation story were right , after all you do not stay that long in the hospital not to mention it is one of the best hospitals in the world regardless of protocols after a simple gallbladder.

President Mubarak has already left the ICU and moved to a normal room or rather a suite in the Heidelberg hospital as you have probably known according to the German doctors’ orders. There is no danger he is recovering perfectly from the surgery and the tumor the doctors removed turned to Benign tumor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is good news for both Mubarak and us because I can’t imagine what would happen to us if it were not a benign tumor , Gamal Mubarak can’t hurry the

Now interesting enough all the Egyptian newspapers did not mention the word “tumor” or “benign tumor” so people would not panic despite the fact Al Hayat and Lebanese Al Akhbar mentioned it. Already I can’t understand why I missed this and I read Al Hayat everyday anyhow when I repeat the sequence of events in my mind I remember speaking about the sample which I mistranslated or rather I was more naive and did not believe the people who suspected that there was fishy regarding the health of their president. But may be because I do not have enough medical background I did not get that part in the first statement where Hatem El-Gabely spoke about  growth abnormalities in the duodenum , it was a crystal clear indicator !! Of course now I am sure that El-Gabely’s wife is not that sick now , it is the President who is that sick.

I can understand the reasons behind this very well , it can happen in any country like Egypt in the world. Of course in civilized countries in these circumstances either the President takes a medical leave handling his responsibilities to the vice president or he resigns for medical reasons.

Now the newspaper in Egypt will name it “benign tumor” after announcement of the official medical results. I do not have doubt that this will open a huge debate again even among the citizens themselves : What if !!?? What if it were not benign tumor !!?? already the fact that he stayed all that time in ICU and it took all that time to get the results it seems that the doctors believed it could be worse !!?? It is not about illness for God sake the man can sleep at night and die as simple as that !!?? He is not only responsible for his family but in front of God he is responsible of  80 million person !!

Today I have heard earlier today a rumor that he is coma due to the fact we have not seen any picture for days now

Already I was not planning to write anything because I am so exhausted and tired in a way you can’t imagine it but since I heard and read this news I … President Mubarak may be God give you another chance to change things for better whether for us or you and your real legacy which is not only your family or your rule , you have the time sir I am not from the hypocrite NDP members who do not really give shit for the human Hosni Mubarak , who will be against you as soon as you are out of the office whether live or dead.

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  1. I guess the main reason behind the official behavior of not declaring the 3 days mourning for Sheikh Al azhar is the condition of Mubarak, either they fear people will think it's him who passed away or they feel it might be a bad omen and people will be waiting for him to follow. Just a guess to try to understand how the official TV did not even stop its regular programs and broadcasted some verses of the Quran, this is so humiliating for a Muslim country. Hasbia Allah.


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