Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mubarak To Meet Al-Assad JR Next April !!

Future News claims that President Al Assad of Syria is going to meet Hosni Mubarak in next April and not today or tomorrow "or even this week". Already there were news confirmed by both the Egyptian and Syrian parties that the Syrian President is mostly welcomed in Egypt especially Al-Assad expressed his wish to visit his old father's friend.

I am happy to see that our relations with Syria began to return to what it should be even if it is on slower steps still I am unhappy or rather worried that Mubarak can't meet anyone at least for two weeks.

I hope that those who are ruling Egypt for real to stop fooling around , the Egyptian people know what is going now very well. It is very obvious that Mubarak may not run for the elections next year.


  1. The man is physically exhausted. Look at his face. Maybe they gave him a prophylactic chemotherapy or radiation that put him physically down that much. I am sure it is far beyond removal of a ball bladder and simple benign tumor.

  2. A dictator meets a dictator. So what else is new in the Arab world?


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