Saturday, April 3, 2010

After The Mansoura Day

Just like what Mohamed ElBaradei has said in his official twitter account :
It is a great feeling to see Egyptians shedding their fear and becoming partners for change.
Already there was a previous tweet if I am not mistaken that was removed from his tweet saying that what happened in Mansoura was an answer to all claims that he did not represent the people or was faraway from them , I do not know why this tweet was removed , may be he felt it was a low thing to say !! Well Dr. ElBaradei I will go farer and say that yesterday was a slap on all those claims and the regime too above them Mohamed Ali Ibrahim and brothers in the media, no need to be noble with the scam my dear sir !!
The whole world is speaking about this day in Mansoura and that reception that went beyond any expectation inside or outside raising the bar of all future possibilities for sure. I doubt that from one week ago not even from one year ago people expected this to happen in this way.

Now the official media has ignored the visit except Mohamed Ali Ibrahim who is crossing all lines in attacking ElBaradei describing him as a beggar for votes and endorsements in governorates , of course after what he had written last Thursday from awful metaphor this is considered nothing.The official parties are so jealous and attacking ElBaradei madly , already I am expected that there will be a huge crack in the Unionist party as its vice head in Mansoura hosted ElBaradei’s meeting in Sammound.
I do not know what the official media will say in front of what the foreign media began to notice and speak about from growing change in Egypt. Here are few links I found in the last couple of hours :
and this is just the start.
After that reception in Mansoura on Friday how many Egyptians will listen to ElBaradei and sign on the national front for change’s statement !!?? In fact I would ask the same question to the Egyptian reader who followed the blog yesterday and has not signed the statement.
The number of signatures at the front’s official website have reached to this exact moment “ 19,849”. Those people regardless of how many they were in Mansoura want real change , want the best to their country and to their children.
The road to change is not short , it is still long and hard but it is not impossible. I have many questions in my mind regarding what is happening for sure and my question in my mind is circulating over and over : Where is he army from all this !!?
By the way early in the morning the state security has arrested publisher Ahmed Mahny , the owner of “Dowan publishing house” for publishing a book about Mohamed ElBaradei last week.
ElBaradei and the dream of green revolution
The book is called : ElBaradei and the dream of green revolution by Kamal Gerbrial. The state security has searched the house of the publisher in order to confiscate the book which is already in the market.There has not been much news about MR.Mahny up till now.

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