Egyptian Chronicles: Breaking News : 6th April Movement official Website is Blocked

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breaking News : 6th April Movement official Website is Blocked

The official website of the 6th April movement is blocked and its server is down.
I am not an expert but it seems that someone has hacked the main server.
Currently Al Tahrir square along with other vital streets in Cairo near the parliament and Abdeen Palace are nearly closed by security forces. Already there are couple of protests and sit-ins at this areas
The 6th April movement in Alexandria was having a protest in Misr railway station which was cracked and two members have been arrested already. "Among them Hassan Mostafa"
The security forces have just arrested the 3rd 6th April movement member from few minutes ago in Cairo , Mostafa Fouad
May be it is not related but the MB students at Helwan university are having a sit in currently and speaking of Helwan security forces from there are participating in what currently is happening down town Cairo according to eye witnesses
Update #1
  • There is a gathering of protesters moving towards the people's assembly which has reached to the Shura council 
  • I am not sure about the number of participants but this news website claims that they are thousands and that Hamdi Kandeel and George Issac are there ; Kandeel has asked the people to protest today in front of the parliament 
Update #2 
  • Witnesses are saying that there are about 100 protester in front of the Shura council. 
  • There is news circulating that the hosting company has suspended the account of 6th April movement !!
  • Protesters are being dragged away by security forces currently in front of Shura council "Via : Sarah Carr" 
  • The security has detained at least two activists from the Shura council's protest among them "Abdel Rahman Fares" 
  • The 6th April movement official website is back online in Norway. 
  • Witnesses : Security forces have arrested all the protesters in front of the Shura council.
  • 6th APril : The security forces have broken the arm of an activist. 
  • The Plain clothes under-covered police is attacking journalists as usual 
  • Follow this website for constant updates including the names of the detained protesters 
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    1. Im in the U.K. Z and the website is working just fine. The regime has lost his mind thats for sure. Confiscating videos and attacking journalists, attacking girls, cursing old men, violence with the young leads to revolutions I hope someone tells those idiots that and of course those protesting in Unis are supporting the 6th April call, that is the regimes worst fears that young egyptians from all political and non political backgrounds are starting to unite and join in

    2. BTW The website is marked as dangerous and unsafe by McAfee's siteadvisor :S weird isn't it??


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