Egyptian Chronicles: A Long Day , A Sad Day

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Long Day , A Sad Day

Today is the 6th of April and as usual the 6th of April youth wanted to have their annual protest in the Tahrir square and in front of the parliament and as you know things got ugly in the past  few hours from the previous post. The attack on the protesters whether in Cairo or in Alexandria is making headlines around the world showing how short sighted our regime is. At first I was very sad when I was reading the tweets coming from all over Egypt describing how the regime was cracking that 6th April despite its considerable small size but of course it has big meaning.
I do not know exactly for sure how many protesters were there but I know that very few of them were lucky enough to escape the security forces fist which reached to the journalists and reporters who went to cover the protest. Al Jazeera and Dream TV's cameras and tapes were confiscated. Journalist and photographer Ahmed Abdel Fatah has been attacked and threatened for not giving up his camera. Journalist Sarah Carr has been groped and this was just the start.
The protesters tried to gather in front of the Shura council but could do not as usual , they moved to Talaat Harab where the Ghad Party was going to participate in the protest but the security cracked it and the hunting party started. In the end the few that managed to escape to head for the lawyers bar !!In front of the shura council
A group of activists not less than 90 have been detained , some of them have been released after touring Cairo and some will spent tonight in a cell !! Some of these activists were injured during the clashes with the security forces including a 60 years old man !! Again this is also nothing , it happened before in previous protests. Already all the detainees are currently in Madinat El-Salam area. The Arabic Network for human rights information has latest updates with the detainees names. Updated : Here is the complete list of detainees' names
Now this year the girls and ladies' participation was bigger than previous year and it seems that ministry of interior has known such info and thus it took its precautions to avoid any criticism or accusation of sexually harassing the female protesters ; Policewomen or rather women prisoner guards have participated in cracking the protest this year for the first time and strangely they were not less violent as their men counterparts according to eye witnesses and reporters. Nevertheless the plain clothed policemen and agents have sexually harassed women protesters in the same old miserable ways of grabbing and tearing up their clothes !!
Hamdi Kandeel by the way was there in the protest in front of the Shura council , along other members of Egyptian opposition , I do not know if he was harassed or not. Veteran leftist actress Mohesna Tawfik was there also whether you agree or disagree with this lady you must respect how she stood besides Ahmed Abdel Fatah
Ayman Nour and his party had their share from today's big monster ball , first of all Nour Ayman Nour was arrested and it seemed that boy has started his political activism violently as you can see in the picture. Of course it was reported that the security has cracked the protest his father was planning to hold at Talaat Harb st. by closing the entrance of the El-Ghad HQ building !! I do not know what Gamila Ismail will think when she sees the pictures of her son like that !!  Nour was released sooner and he was seen watching from the balcony of El-Ghad party. Some people are saying that Ayman Nour had to stop his party's participation today for the freedom of his son !!

Nour Ayman Nour
Surviving the attack
Holding a single man

Here are bunch of videos and photos from this terrible morning.

From Talaat Harb street where girls were hiding in some shop

By sarah Carr : Security forces snatching protesters

A stand at the lawyers' ban
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  1. An update about the rumors about Noor Ayman Nour: his father did not even know he had been arrested until after he had been released. Ayman Nour was aware of the identity of one of the 3 people held by security, and threatened the security that they would not leave that spot until he and whoever was with him were released. It was later that he discovered his son had been one of those detained, and they were only detained for about ten minutes. The son was arrested while following the security who were arresting another member.

  2. I am so proud of each one of men and women who went out to fight for their freedom and a new change after 30 years living under dictatorship. Now is the time for change. Everyone should go out and join them to fight for their freedom. Mubarak and the police cannot imprison millions of Egyptians if they go out on the street. Freedom have a price that everybody has to pay!

  3. Hi , I don't even know if you get the chance to read all your comments B U T you've done a great job here Miss , keep it up ! =) I fortunately released a new blog ! I write since EVER but not on blogs..and I've been told that yours is one of the most successful Egyptian pages so I was wondering If you can help me with few hints and guidelines ..just that no more , I'll be more than glad ! thank you (


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