Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When Losers Write Poetry !!

General Mustafa Talas , the former 30 years minister of defense in Syria who did nothing at all in all those years except filtering with women has published a poetry book called "The papers of autumn" . Among the poems included in that book a poem attacking the Arab rulers and their performance during the Gaza war called " Gaza and the Arabic Scandal"
Talas in Russian Today
The poem is actually a group of dirty rhythmic insults against Hosni Mubarak , Abu El-Gait , King Abdullah of KSA, Amr Moussa. You find "ass , vomit, shit" in the poem in a way you can't imagine it.
I know all these people mentioned above deserved to be insulted but let's agree on something here : Mustafa Talas is not Nizar Qabbani. Already from a poetic point of view I feel that he is channeling Qabbani in several poems. All those disgusting smears made the poem look like one of his speech where he used to attack Arafat and call him "Son of bitch" !!  He is a rude man
Talas should not open his mouth actually and attack those men mentioned above because he is worse than them , what did he do in those 30 years as a minister of defense !!??
Gina Lollobrigida's best friend in the Middle East was another version of Abdel Hakim Amar without ambitions in his own way !! The man by all means can't head a battalion !! 
Already I am happy that the Syrian-Egyptian relations began to reconcile again especially with the visit of ElHariri JR to Damascus but this stupid poem by this man can make Mubarak angry and he has to !!
I respect all those Syrians who refused this stupid poem full of smears, they do not like Mubarak's policies like me but they know that we are not in an alley in 19th century Damascus !!


  1. You take it too personally.

  2. @ Anonymous, Just be fair and admit that Zeinobia didn't tell but the truth!..she said It politely, honestly and logically!!

  3. @anonymous , how I took it personally !!??

    @Randa ,thanks my dear for defending me.


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