Monday, May 31, 2010

And Al-helou Circus and liver restaurants are innocent After All !!

From couple of weeks ago Alexandria was living in terror when donkeys' heads and remains were found in one of the gardens , there was a fear that with the increase in meat price , butchers and liver restaurants would go to other alternatives than beef : Donkeys and dogs !!

That fear was the talk of the town when they found the dead donkeys' remains but thank goodness there was another suspect than the restaurants and butchers : Al-Helou Circus !!

Al-Helou Circus was in town and its major stars , the lions eat donkeys and so all fingers were on the most famous lion trainers in Egypt and probably in the Arab world : Al-Helou dynasty.

Glamorous and fearless Faten Al-Helou defended her lions and her circus

     I do not feed my lions donkeys despite lions do eat donkey , my lions eat chicken everyday

She said it on air defending herself and her lions still the crime was following her till at last the police in Alex managed to solve the mysterious case and found the real motive : Feeding  lions but not circus lions but rather pet lions !! pet lions with diplomatic immunity too as it seems !!!!!!!!

It turned out an Uzbekistan embassy official , the media advisor along with an Egyptian man were keeping 8 lions in two villas in Alex near that garden where the remains of the poor donkeys were found !!

Of course they are facing several charges of raising these pets without permission and slaughtering these donkeys ..etc and the Uzbekistan embassy does not answer the phone in order to know their opinion in the involvement of their media advisor !! Already in this situation the media advisor comes to risk but he is already in legal trouble !!

What were they doing with these 8 lions !!?? Pet lions , yes I saw that heart breaking video of friendly domestic lion on YouTube but these are not one lion but rather 8 lions which eat raw donkey meat !!!

Speaking of lions , our Egyptian lions in the Zoo just like the Egyptian people are overpopulated and it seems that family planning has failed in their animal community too because there are so many cubs and old lions the Giza Zoo does not know what to do with them. I got a set of suggestions and I do not know if someone would be interested in them or not :

  1. Already our Giza Zoo is suffering from shortage in other animals and birds , why we do not exchange with other Zoos in the world !!?? We can take their overpopulated animals and birds for our lions !!??
  2. Distribute them on Zoos in Egypt , other than in Giza and Alexandria. I know for instance that Al Arish Zoo does not have a lion.
  3. We can return them to the forests of Africa !!?? Especially the old ones.

Nice suggestions but I am sure that the Zoo administration thought of them before me and found them not that interesting for some reason.


  1. I think there's a plan.

  2. " Glamorous and fearless Faten Al-Helou "

    May be fearless yes ,but glamorous ....????


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