Monday, May 31, 2010

Breaking News : And They Attacked Flotilla After all

I do not want to start my day like this but the Israeli Navy has just attacked the Gaza flotilla in its way to Gaza killing at least 10 activists , unarmed peace activists. 
This so coward , so disrespectful and so uncivilized not to mention so IDF if I may say.
The Turks are extremely angry , already 9 Turks are reportedly killed in the attack. Arabs were killed also. There are 4 Egyptians in the flotilla among them a member of parliament
Here is a live stream from one the ships in the flotilla
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Updates : 
  • First of all you must know that this attack happened in international water. 
  • Second and most important thing you must know that the commandos had lists with names and photos to target for certain action

  • There are 5 Egyptians participating in the flotilla among them two members of parliaments from the MB 
  • The names of those Egyptians are : MP Mohamed El-Beltagy and MP Hakem Farouk , Onoussi and Akram kassab and Gamal El-Shial. The last three are living in Qatar and most probably are working with Al jazeera Channel . 
  • There are four activists from Bahrain.
  • There are 14 Kuwaiti activists on the board of the flotilla , among them a member of parliament. You can find their names there.
  • There is a huge anger since early morning in Turkey especially that 9 Turks reportedly have been killed among them a member of parliament.  
  • Here are a collection of videos including Al Jazeera international reports


  1. Israel has boarded ships before in the past (the A Karine, the Iranian weapon ship, etc.) and each time without any killing or injuries. This time, something was very different. The IDF commando's were violently attacked, with knives, metal tubes, and even live fire. When their lives were in danger, they had to react, with death people as a result.
    Seemingly not all 600 passengers were "peace activists" on that ship...

  2. For God sake they started to open their fire even before boarding the ship !!!

  3. Again more lies from Z. The following links show just who attacked who 1st and that the "peace activists" as you call them were nothing but Nazi terrorists and I'm glad their dead :)חדשות/News/Politics/Security/Article,44595.aspx

    And my q to u Z is: why was there violence only on the Marma and not on the other 5 boats?

  4. You know I have been waiting for you all day to come and trash my blog with links proving how innocent the IDF from the IDF
    By the way how much do you get from the ministry of Foreign affairs !!??

  5. My 1st link isn't from the IDF it's from Israel's channel 2. Have you seen the vid? The vid clearelly shows the "peace activists" stabbing and beating the IDF soldiers with rods the minute they hit the deck.
    Truth hurts, doen't it Z? And you still haven't answered my q: why was there violence only on 1 out of the 6 ships? And why wasn't there violence on the Karine A and the Iranian ship? Please answear my Qs.

  6. Why do not you check other videos on Youtube ,already rods Vs. guns !! do not you think that the reaction is a bit aggressive. Already why on earth the Israeli commandos storm the ships and why they opened the fire before going on board !!? You will not answer this question , won't you
    do not you think that these rods are being used after the fire which was opened from the IDF side
    Look I know that you will spend the whole day arguing with me

  7. The IDF commando's did a Pirate attack against all international laws as usual so don't expect to be welcomed with flowers.
    It's time for people to stand up from Turkey to Egypt, Europe and all over the world enough of injustice !

  8. IDF attacked a civilian vessel in international waters, all IDF personnel involved in this massacre, including the Israeli defense minister should be trialled for piracy. Israel is a rogue state that stubbornly refuses to abide by international law thus continuously undermining peace in the region.

  9. There is an old Egyptian saying translates to ‘Why you behaved like Pharo’ and the response goes ‘no body can stop me’.
    If you have a stealth grip on the media, economy and the sole super power then why you stop?

  10. Z please show me proof the IDF opened fire 1st. About intl law. It seems Egypt is also not abiding by it:

    Now if Hamas shoots rockets at Israel even though it left Gaza and this move was recognized by the UN than Israel under intl law has a right to stop arms into the territory from which it is being attacked.

    So Z I ask you again: why was there violence only on 1 ship and not the others? Why was there no violence on the Karin A?

    And the group behind the sail, the IHH, has links to Al-Qaeda, so just like Egypt fights Al-Qaeda in Sinai so Israel fights Al-Qaeda, it is our right.

  11. @Joel: Who opened fire first on the ship is of no relevance. IDF did not have permission from the vessel's captain to board the ship. Boarding a ship in international waters without proper permission is piracy, the crew and passengers had every right to defend themselves against the attacking pirates. As to the the group having links to Al Qaeda, do you really think Al Qaeda operatives would miraculously be on board a ship raising the Turkish flag on an extremely high profile humanitarian mission to Israel? I find it easier to believe in the tooth-ferry than this crap!

  12. If a ship is attacked in International waters by soldiers firing as they grappel down ropes, then I think the people on board have every right to defend themselves in anyway they can.

    If Israel has nothing to hide why did it feel he need to block ALL communications coming from of the boat?

    Obviously they didn't want anyone to see what was going on.

  13. Echoes:
    The International law, of course, allows boarding the ship.

    Your opinion is nice, but has nothing to do with reality. The US Commander’s Handbook on the Law of Naval Operations:
    Page 110: Attempted breach of blockade occurs from the time a vessel or aircraft leaves a port or airfield with the intention of evading the blockade, ... It is immaterial that the vessel or aircraft is at the time of interception bound for neutral territory, if its ultimate destination is the blockaded area

    page 113: Neutral merchant vessels and civil aircraft are liable to capture by belligerent warships and military aircraft if ...
    4. Breaching or attempting to breach blockade

    and finally page 114: Neutral vessels or aircraft attempting to resist proper capture lay themselves open to forcible measures by belligerent warships and military aircraft and assume all risk of resulting damage.

    They refused.

    There is even right in Geneva Conventions that any occupying power must be allowed to supervise humanitarian aid.

  14. Israel is always acting they are the victims and very good with their propaganda and manipulating of the media world! they would lied thru their teeth to get away with it! Only stupid and ignorant people would believe their BS and craps stories!


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