Monday, May 31, 2010

Flotilla Follow Up : And The Freedom flotilla has won

This much more updated and comprehensive post than the first one I posted earlier.
  1. The commandos attacked happened on humanitarian vessels in international waters , the flotilla had not entered the Israeli water.
  2. The organizers had been rising White flags
  3. The commandos started to open their fires while they were going down from the helicopter. 
  4. There is no clear news on what happened exactly to Sheikh Raed Salah, since the morning there has been contradicting news on what exactly happened to him.
  5. No news about the archbishop Capucci either but Nobel Prize Mairead Corrigan Maguire has been captured.
  6. There are updates from Israel except that 16 activists are detained and transferred to Beersheba and the rest will be deported to their countries after promising not to do this again !! There are rumors that Israel wants to exchange the detainees with Shalit.
  7. 3 hospitals in Ashdod , Ashkelon and Tel Aviv are in full alert just like the rest of the country .
  8. The Israeli commandos had detailed list with certain people with pictures, you can see it here
The target list from a Turkish TV
Here is a very early report from Marmar after the attack.
The target list from a Turkish TV
I do not know how the Israelis think but I believe all their plans have failed as the whole world is against them now in a rare moment , real rare moment when the ugly face of the IDF and the racism of the Israeli administration are shown to the whole world naked with no masks what so ever. Bibi had to cut his visit in Canada and return back immediately to Tel Aviv cancelling his highly anticipated meeting with Obama which to be held tomorrow. The white house has already released a press statement which is ambiguous and very diplomatic in its own way if I may say. 
That operation whatever silly name the Israelis call it proved to be a big fiasco whether politically or from media point of view.  Israel is forcing the people and the world to isolate it more and more , academically many international universities and academies are boycotting Israel , many markets and trade associations are boycotting Israel and I believe more associations and groups will boycott Israel .
Now to international and regional reactions starting with Turkey which considered the attack on Marmar is an attack on the Turkish waters in Marmar sea.
The Turks are on fire , they are very extremely angry and politically all Turkish parties are against the attack of Marmar especially with the Turkish death toll. Since last time the Turks were protesting in front of the Israeli consulate after knowing that the Israelis were following the flotilla with bad intentions. It seems that they stayed till the morning when they knew what happened and tried to storm the consulate building in extreme anger. Turkey has summoned both its ambassador in Tel Aviv and the Israeli envoy in Ankara. Today there was an attack on a Turkish base at the same time the Prime minister is abroad, the President has met with the defense minister and let's say that there is a lots of jazz in Turkey.
Here is a video showing the Turks protesting in front the Israeli consulate
From Press TV : Turkish protesters try to storm Israeli consulate.
Ironically the flotilla has united for the first time Turkey and Greece as both countries decided to cancel their military exercises with Israel which were to be held in the coming months. Greece also summoned the Israeli ambassador along with almost all the European countries that have got citizens on the flotilla.There are also protests in these countries in front of the Israelis consulates and embassies.

In Egypt in a very rare scene about 600 activists and protesters gathered in front of the Foreign affairs embassy to condemn the attack including the Muslim brotherhood whom for the first time shouted against Mubarak.

There was another protest on the famous journalists syndication staircase. The Muslim brotherhood called for huge protest which starting point is El-Fatah Mosque in Ramses St. If I am not mistaken. There have been about 5 protests in 5 governorates today in the country.
Officially Mubarak in Paris has condemned the excess use of power calling and called for an end to the siege in Gaza and please do not ask me what he meant because I do not understand it at all. The arrest of two MB MPs in Israel for sure makes the NDP happy especially the Shura elections are to be held tomorrow.
The league of Arab states has condemned as usual what happened and they are going to meet tomorrow in order to discuss it. Protests are held in Lebanon ,Syria, Palestinian territories and Mauritania.
Please follow this post this post as it will be updated accordingly.


  1. the question I ask myself after every similar incident : Was the victim really as peaceful as apparent ? I mean here: with the presence of Raed Salah ,are we sure the flotilla carried only humanitarian support??? Personally,I am not.

    May GOD grant the victims mercy any way.

  2. The question is : Do you know Sheikh Raed Salah for real before assuming that question just because he is wanted by Israel !!??

  3. To be a ‘victim’ by itself is a complete meaning doesn’t require further qualification (like more or less peaceful).

    Questions and statements should focus on the criminal; otherwise it is a way of diverting the blame.

  4. Look what those "peaceful" people did when the Israeli soldiers started to land on the ship. The soldiers were only armed with paint ball guns and hand guns. They were forced to use their hand guns after the thugs and terrorist supporters brutally attacked the Israeli soldiers.

  5. Egyptian in Mexico6/01/2010 12:12:00 AM

    no one hear about all of this hear. CNN has been interviewing Jews on TV to talk about the incident. Best source for the news now is Twitter

  6. Zeinobia ....

    Does any body know any body for real except God Almighty ??? We only make logical assumptions based onour own observations,or the facts we believe in


    victim here in my sentence is just a linguistic expression ... as I told Zeinobia above,we can never be sure where is the truth ,we just have to consider all possibilities.

    Anyway, not to be misunderstood,I am not defending what happened , but I simply dislike this emotionalway of judgement that characterizes the Arabs,unfortunately.We just wail and shout following the typical losers'attitude...also unfortunately.

  7. The Israeli government proved to be its own worst enemy by undertaking this stupid move in international waters.
    The boycott reminds me of the Nazi boycott of Jews in Warsaw, Poland. They are treating the Palestinian people the same way the Nazis treated them!
    Yet the oppression experienced by Jews should render them tolerant and humane towards a helpless people.
    Furthermore, the Palestinian people are experiencing a worse treatment from the indifference of Arab governments who provide them with nothing more than empty slogans.
    Israel should realize that violence and oppression never yields positive results and the alternative is to live and let live in peace and equality.
    Enough said!

    Genetic evidence strongly indicates that Jews and Palestinians are ancestrally very closely related to each other, yet they continue to hate and kill one another.....ironic.
    Here are some sources among many on the internet:

  9. Peace activists Zeinobia?

    Since you still haven't answeared my Q I'm finally truelly convinced that:

    A. You are not a democrate but a MB (i.e. Hamas, IJ, Qaeda, Taliban) supporter in disguise.

    B. You are not intrested in the truth but in propaganda and lies. This confirms my notaion that Arabs and Muslism are unable to deal with the truth and therefore unable of creating a democracy.

    So this is my final comment. I won't be visiting your garbage blog anymore.

    Good luck with Egyptian "democracy".

  10. Unfortunately I have to agree with Joel. I had hoped for more from you.Obviously it will never be so I will not make any more futile comments.Good luck!


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