Egyptian Chronicles: Between Ganz' Egypt And The Bulaq Crazes' Egypt

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Between Ganz' Egypt And The Bulaq Crazes' Egypt

GanZ aka Ahmed Ganzouri , a name most Egyptians from the middle and low class ignore despite they have been introduced to him briefly in the new Melody Drama advertising campaign where as it is a well known name in the high A Class ; Ganzouri aka GanZ is an event planner and restaurants owner whose parties are the talk of the "A Class" towns for many years now.
There is no monthly lifestyle A Class magazine like Enigma , Cleo and Lounge without two page spread covering his events on a monthly basis whether it is the opening of his restaurant chain he shares "he is a partner in Wabi Sabi Sushi " or his extravagant events and companies or  outrageous parties he organizes in Sharm El-Sheikh or in Cairo. A constant face with a flamboyant style that you will wonder if he lives in the same Egypt like those workers who slept for 45 days in the street or those villages with no water or electricity access still living in the 1940s !!
When you see the pictures and videos of his wild parties , you will wonder how the world consider Egyptians close minded conservative homophobic with all the gays , transsexuals and strippers he brings in his parties with no big NO from the Vice police . I do not know our laws that much but there is a considerable indecent exposure in his parties which violates our public moral law and our artistic works law.
Here is a video from his latest from parties "Circus 2010" {NSFW}
Circus 2010 {NSFW}
On the other side of the town ,in the poor side of the town there is a small dancing troupe of young men which dances in the working low class wedding parties in Cairo that are held in the street where you can drugs , hot beer and men shaking their butts like women ; that dancing troupe is called "The Bulaq Al-Dakror Crazies" as I know from the YouTube Videos and they are one of the dancing troupes in the low classes weddings that usual dismayed by the Middle and Upper Classes for dancing indecently like women. The first video to catch my attention towards these troupe was that video Arabawy posted its link as a sign of violence in the society ; when I looked to the related videos section and found a video under the title "The Bulaq Dakror crazies" , curiosity made me click and introduced me to these lost boys in their own ways.
When I saw them , first I was shocked by how those kids danced in that way but then I began to see they are a natural product of their society.
Here are couple of videos for the Bulaq Crazies, I am sorry for the bad quality , most of these videos were shot by a mobile phone.
Dancing in their pants
Crazy Ruby
Crazy Ruby is underage dancer as you can see like the most of the troupe, they are not dancing in Weddings but also in any happy occasion in the block , they are the kids from the block who dance on their club music. The Crazies troupe is not considered a strong famous local traditional troupe like the one that accompanies Saad El-Saghair and similar singers , they are much younger as you can see and their music is mix of traditional balady music and a little bit of club music , their movements are a mix of what they see in foreign music video and their own culture.
Unlike Ganzouri and his class these kids dance in this way in order to get money for them and their families unlike the GanZ' class which is not tired at earning its living at.
GanZ' Egypt is totally another different from the Bulaq's Crazies' Egypt ; two Egypts and between them another Egypt of the Middle class Egypt that is trapped between those two. 
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  1. Decadence runs through all classes in all countries, the difference is in its overtness which depends on freedom of expression and speech for that particular country.
    Egypt's seedy side runs throughout all classes and most of it is under the table unlike what you showed which is the tip of the iceberg.

  2. Well, I guess you cannot forbid both since everyone should have the right of freedeom of expression.

  3. Really i have no comment to wright it but i can say we are need a lot of values are lost or miss.
    nowadays we are need some of our grandparents good habits we are miss them nowwwwwwwwwwwwww :(

  4. With 30 percent unemployment, this youth have nothing left but to drop their pants. There is no artistic value or expression-content that’s to be framed in ‘freedom of expression’. Both GanZ and boulaq crazies are a manifestation of decay in culture and society.

  5. What a shame!! that is what the regime wants! turn Egypt into a liberal country and people forget about Islamic morals or teaching of Al-Quran. Egypt suppose to be an example to other Muslim countries especially with Al-Azhar and their Grand Mufti! I am afraid that something big will hit Egypt as a punishment from Allah swt! let's not forget what happened at Aswan and Sinai recently with the big floods!


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