Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Can We Consider This A Confession !!??

Senator Yerima has justified his marriage to the 13 years old Egyptian girl and of course his justification is an insult to Islam and Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" alike especially the age of lady Aisha is debatable and this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

Now the senator has nearly confessed that he married an underage Egyptian girl ,will our embassy in Abuja do something to save Miriam from this doomed marriage !!??

I am angry and sick from Yerima who claims to be the defender of Islam where as he is insisting on insulting it , Islam did not tell to him to divorce his teenage wife so he could marry even younger teenager , Islam did not tell him to exploit the poverty of others , Islam did not tell him to marry immature girl physically or psychologically !! Sometimes I wonder if those people deliberately do these actions only to insult Islam in the world

I am angry from our embassy which I am sure knows from the start the age of the girl and does not know what to do !!?? Well for instance they can report the matter to the authorities in Nigeria as in the end Miriam is an Egyptian underage citizen they should protect as far as I know.


  1. Cheap flesh ..wasn't that Enas Eldegheidi's true but painful movie???

  2. Lord have mercy...on that girl and on Nigeria.

  3. is there are law in Egypt that defines the legal age of marriage? are their exceptions to the marriage age?
    as far as Islam is concerned she only has have hit puberty and the shiek who would wed them would ask her as much. So at 13 the marriage is most likely sound from a religious point of view so not sure how is that an insult to islam... from a civil, feminist, and child rights point of view this is a tragic disaster

  4. @Akher Ayam, yes it was

    @Kinzi, yes it is

    @Bambam , Yes we have laws to define legal age of marriage with no expception
    it is not about puberty , otherwise why they say during marriage "El-Bakr El-Rashid" , Rashud hears means maturity physically and physiologically

  5. @bambam: also if there is a rule put by the society and enforced by the sate then ppl shld follow it. For example, in Islam the marriage contract is oral but with the increase in the numbers and the expansion of the Islamic territories, the state introduced the written contract and the post of maa'zoon (literally the one authorized to conclude marriage contracts) and this is not a religious post.


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