Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Is In The Hand !!??

President Mubarak met yesterday Benjamin Netanyahu and the war criminal of Shaked according to Israeli media at Sharm El-Sheikh and one particular detail caught my eyes in the pictures and the video reports of this meeting : President Mubarak’s left hand
I can’t keep it to myself anymore despite I expressed my concerns regarding his left hand or to be accurate his arm once in a comment here.
After the announcement that his annual labor day’s speech will delay for further because of his bad health conditions , I can’t keep myself asking about his arm and its position in all pictures since he started to meet guests in his residence at Sharm.
Already this announcement has taken the internet by storm yesterday before its magical removal from major news websites. If this news indicates anything , it indicates that Mubarak is not fully recovered at all regardless of all these meetings and summits with foreign leaders which are more like visiting sick old people !!
Back to Mubarak’s arm , well check those photos from various meetings till the last one with stinky Bibi

In his first meeting with Abbas on the 19th of April

With Qaddafi on the 21st of April 
With King Abdullah II on the 22nd of April 

With Stinky Bibi
The hand palm moved but the arm did not
 I know that he is not fully recovered , otherwise why he has not returned back to Cairo yet not to mention why he did not address his annual labor day speech !!??
But his left arm position puzzles me because in Germany you and me saw it was fine !!??


  1. Very good observation. Gallbladder issues can cause arm pain (mostly on the right hand side, but I have had patients with chest, shoulder and arm pains on the left). The President might have post-cholecystectomy syndrome a symptom of which can be back and shoulder pain which obviously restricts arm movement. You'd make a good student in my Gastroenterology class Zenobia.

  2. I'm amazed at your observation. I'm sure it should make a national headline.

  3. good obeservation
    I noticed that his left arm look strange since he was leaving the plane at Sharm El-Shiekh he was unable to move it properly while he was on the plane stairs
    but he tried to make it move naturally while he was talking to his Recipients
    check the video

  4. Only Bibi is "Stinky", even Gaddafi is fine .... and you dared to call me a racist :D

    mob mentality heh

  5. walahi ya Z ana o7aie sabrek 3ala wa7ed mareed zaie John dah. HOW IS GAGGAFI RELEVANT HERE YOU IDIOT

  6. Hey Zenobia,
    Excellent observation. I’ve seen this hand before, this inward curl of the fingers associated with old age. As if the muscles are too old and too weak to hold a proper posture (take this sentence with a grain of salt; I have no medical background). It appeared in this state for at least a year before the surgery, but could it have gotten worse since then? Fingers crossed.
    He looked as if he’s propped up for these photo shoots.

  7. Nope it's working well...

  8. Stinky Bibi? I find this funny comming from a person who lives in a country where millions live in cemeteries and garbage dumps and where garbage piles fill its capital. So if someone is stinky I'm sure it's the Egyptians and Mubarak. I can smell them all the way to Israel.

  9. Well, did you know that Mubarak wears a ear piece nowadays?

    Here's a photo showing it:



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