Egyptian Chronicles: And Which Company is Our Own BP !!??

Monday, June 21, 2010

And Which Company is Our Own BP !!??

Location Hurghada, Al - Bahr El_ahmar, Egypt
There is an oil leak in Hurghada and it is not the first time it happens in this beautiful area threatening its rich marine life. It is not the first and it seems that the investors in Hurghada from resorts owners and diving centers owners complained to the prime minister from the dangers of these leaks which do not only
Now I followed the newspapers coverage and I noticed that there was an important piece of detail that was forgotten : Who or which company is or companies are responsible for this leak in the first place !?? Which company is our BP !!??
That oil platform must be following some company whether a private or public , either ways it needs to be penalized.

The ministers of oil and environmental affairs visited the leak area and how they supervised the operations to save the area and stop the leak , well this is not enough , in fact it is not even the start. The start is to announce the name of the company that caused this leak and to make it to pay compensation. The ministers' visit is a must , is part of their job.
Cleaning the oil mess
Oil leakage

As you can see we stop the leakage in a very slow pathetic way and the leakage has happened near a resort , already I read the leakage has reached to Al Gouna !!May be we will know more details because the Sawiris clan will fear on their investments and they have too.
Announcing the names of these companies that caused this disaster will not keep the foreign investments from Egypt , what will keep the real foreign investments from Egypt is the corruption.
Oil will finish one day if we are going to speak from economic point of view but the sea will remain , tourists are canceling their reservations for God sake !! I do not need to speak about the Coral reef
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  1. Not sure but when this news was first published someone left a comment indicating it was caused by 2 companies and BP is one of them, not sure if true or not though. What is really shocking is that the gov did nt announce who is behind this and what steps are taken to clear the coast and how long it will take, how its affecting the maritime life and industry?!!!!!!!!!!!! 7aga te2ref begad

  2. Well I will not be surprised if it is BP , after look what they had done to the States and the Gulf of Mexico and this is USA !! Not Egypt the third world country !!

  3. Yes Z but why didnt the gov announce the name of the company, why protect them?!!!

  4. because we are corrupted dictatorship my dear , 1000 Egyptian drowned in the red sea and no one from the government gave them a damn.

  5. I wish the leaks of oil can be stop in just a blink of our eyes. It is sad that I cant be done. too many life had been affected by the oil leaks. Please stop it!

  6. I'm sorry but that video isn't just convincing apart from the source who must be from the company in the vid. but i wouldn't call these oil spills because if I was a fish I would just drift away...sorry but it's nothing like BP and our gov. had previously charged a passing ship for oil spills in the Mediterranean, remember??

  7. @Kiscoo , thank Goodness it is not like BP but according to environmentalists and experts in Oil , these are not only spills from passing ship , watch again the video especially the first one , see where the spill comes from

  8. the next desaster after mexican golf... here the videos from the red sea.


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