Egyptian Chronicles: Chasing Zahi Hawas

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chasing Zahi Hawas

No wonder the head of the supreme council of antiquities got no time for  our temples or historical mosques when he shots a reality TV series.

Here is a History channel reality TV 10 or 9 episodes series called "Chasing Mummies" and this is its promo below

I do not know if Dr. Zahi was acting or not but this is  insulting to the position he holds in the country. Already I feel that he is free spirit man not an office man , so why does he continue in his position as the head of the supreme council of antiquities !!??

Video Source : Rami Francis

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  1. I don't understand what is insulting on this to his position, quite contrary he looks like the perfect man for such a position, compared to the flood of useless clerks.

  2. hahahahaha ..chasing mummies reminds me of the miserable Egyptian - Turkish movie by Maged Elmasry ...hahahahahahaha

  3. @John: when you hold a public office there are somethings you are not allowed to do, the money he is taking for such shows, only made possible bec he has privileged access bec of his post, does he take all of it or is it turned all or in part to the ministry?!!
    I like the man a lot but it well-known he's making money out of his post, at least not by stealing like many other gov officials though.

  4. I hold an executive position in North America and understand how to motivate people to bring out the best in them.
    Mr. Hawas is a bully who does not comprehend interpersonal skills an executive needs to direct people.
    Mr. Hawas should put his ego aside and stop acting like an Rambo/Indiana Jones wannabe, maybe then he would understand how a head of the Supreme Council should act.

  5. This is really sleazy and disgusting. Hawas is acting as a whore selling himself as a symbol of ancient Egypt antiquities. He speaks frequently in US to a sold-out crowd ($50 a ticket) accompanying King Tut exhibit. Museum gift stores sells his distinguished hat as a memorabilia. This makes you wander, what is the focus of exhibit: the child king or Hawas himself?

    But to act in a reality TV show..this is crossing the line.

  6. @Zeinobia, I can't believe I am siding with John on this one lol. Dr Hawas is doing a great job promoting tourism in Egypt by leading in this reality tv show. It looks like its going to be very successful considering how popular Dr Hawas is in USA. Talking about reality tv shows, it was petty to see Amr Khaled leading in a show called the innovators. It should have been called the imitators since its an exact copy of the apprentice of Donald Trump.

  7. I agree with anon 1:54 He is a total idiot like the Americans who make him the hero in these films.

    Its time that Egypt teaches kids to read Egyptian and make it compulsory as a second language up to the final grade level in school. Egypt should be the first to think about what has been passed down to us.

  8. I'm sorry, but I can't stop LMAO!

  9. I agree with Hazem and John. Anyway the guy is drumming up interest in Egyptian antiquities. That's good for Egypt and good for tourism. He may be a jerk, bad to work for, whatever, but the video is pure genius. Good for him.

    --An idiot American

  10. @Jason: could any public official in the US make money by using his post?! That is the point here not if hes creating a buzz or if hes a good or bad person. It about the rules that should be applied on those who use their offices for private gain.

  11. Anonymous at 5:25, I have seen no evidence of Dr. Zahi being paid for his TV appearance. In the United States that would be grounds for dismissal and prosecution.

  12. @Jason: rumor has it hes getting $ 200,000 not sure per epi or what. I also heard from several in the field that he makes loads of money through his post and nothing goes to the entity he is heading and bec of which he has access to all sites ect.

  13. His job is to protect the antiquities of Egypt, not try to appeal to western visitors who can only appreciate "extreme" archaeology. Since Egypt does not have good site management plans, bigger and bigger numbers of tourists are only causing more problems, and if he is spurring that on, it's not a good thing for the protection of the sites.

  14. He's a good spokesman for Egyptian tourism, like a mascot. So, hire him as a mascot. In fact he makes so much money doing these gigs, he doesn't need the salary, he can work for the government for a cent a year, like Steve Jobs.

    Then they can hire someone who's main concern is preserving Egypt's past and not his own ego.

  15. I'm finding myself in somewhat of a quandry. On one hand Zahi must get alot of things done. I'm sure he feels as I do, not enough time to even begin to accomplish all I've wished to. On the other, he does seem to have difficulty being tactful and understanding.

    I do believe he has the preservation of Egyptian antiquities as the first and formost of his priorities. He also has an obvious love for discovery. In my opinion, that should be the ultimate in combined abilities for his position.

    By the way, Anonymous I am an american. Sorry, didn't get a choice in that. Not that I'm anti-american, not at all! I just think we've taken a wrong turn. The biggest would be the elimination of natural selection. Now, for the first time in history, any moron can live to procreate. Sometimes on an exponential level of population expansion. Let's hope those sheep have a little lemming in them.

    Whoops! Ranting again! I'm sorry I just care about antiquities, and I think Zahi, short-tempered and impatient as he is, Zahi is still a brilliant archaeologist and scientist. I can't think of anyone I know of, who would be more naturally suited for this position.

    The Egyptian populace is in general, pretty poor. It's not hard to understand how good men can turn to grave robbing. They mostly have many mouths to feed. There are bad people who rob graves, of course. However, I think it's done mostly out of desperation. and that is why Zahi is so impatient. It's too bad that things have come to that. I hope we can find a solution for this very human problem...

  16. Hawas is a joke and his reality tv show proves it. he is no better than the operation repo garbage. It is a real shame the this moron holds the position he does but we all know the real reason is that he is a member of the mubarak family. this dictatorship is the only reason a total ego maniac and social retard like Hawas is allowed to be anywhere near the important work THAT SHOULD BE going on in Egypt

  17. The mans is an egomaniac making a personal fortune while claiming to be the only person in Egypt that knows anything about antiquities . . . and he discovers every new antiquity, even when a donkey steps in a hole and reveals a tomb . . . he discovered it! Dr. Hawass actually means Dr. Jackass HUGE Egomaniac Fortune Hunting Bufoon


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