Egyptian Chronicles: What An Inspiring Leader He is !!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What An Inspiring Leader He is !!

Because it has been a while since Ahmed Nazif opened his mouth and impressed us with his brainy quotes.

     We have survived the financial crisis because of our inspiring leader Mubarak's guidance !!??

He said so at a conference held by the ministry of administrative development yesterday. I do not know if I should discuss how wrong politically and economically this quote is because our experience with Nazif taught us to expect such quotes from him as I hinted above .

I do not know what kind of inspiring leader  he is , already the man had no political history like Sadat or Nasser or Naguib and he did  not face challenges in his entire life that much to have an inspiring life in the first place.

Speaking of inspiration President Mubarak appeared as no.16 in Foreign Policy the world worst dictators. I do not know if we should be glad that he is not no.1 worst dictator in the world , some people suffer more than us in the world.

This is not the first time Mubarak appears in that types of shame list , he is a constant figure who always does not make it to the top 10 because of his alliance to the States. 

That list is similar to previous other lists , the same faces and the same countries.

We move in to the result of President Mubarak's guidance ; according to Foreign policy Egypt comes in no.49 in its 2010 failed states list ; we are a nation in danger according to their index !! Here is the full report

I do not think that issue from Foreign policy will make it to the newsstand next month.

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  2. Dear ..I know you sometimes have low blood pressure ,but I have to beg you to have merci on those who have high blood pressure.....!!!!! :D

  3. I think Nazif is living in a different world and he has to kiss mubarak Axx!


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