Egyptian Chronicles: Regime Outage !!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Regime Outage !!

If you live in Egypt , you know how much we suffer this week , a terrible hot weather with a temperature degree we have not seen for decades and frequent power outage across the country which goes for hours in some governorates like Mansoura for example. 

Now the government has address to watch out for their electricity's consumption , we understand this but is not it strange to suffer from electricity outage in a country that exports electricity to neighbor countries in Levant !!

Also should not the high dam electricity generators be upgraded with the help of our Russian friends and our Egyptian engineers so they can meet the needs and demands of the country in that hot summer !!??

That electricity outage showed a poor infrastructure when a governorate like Mansoura suffers from power outage for hours !! It is not only water infrastructure but it is also electricity infrastructure. I believe we have enough money to upgrade our infrastructure ,otherwise where have the Suez canal , tourism and oil revenues besides our taxes gone for the last 28 years !!!???

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  1. I think we lost electricity 3 times in the middle of the night, last night! And that's the time when electricity usage is the lowest.

  2. It's true, the Russians built the Aswan dam, so there is a historical precedent for enlisting their aid in upgrading the generators. On the other hand that should be weighed against expertise currently available for your money in the global market. The Russians build everything like a brick sh**house which is fine if you just want a generator to last forever, but if you want megawatts per cubic meter of water you can do better with expertise from America or Europe. Or if you will permit my saying so, much closer to home: Israel.

  3. @Jason:Is this a historical fact about the Russian building the Aswan Dam? Im reading a book now that is saying the Aswan Dam project was actually originally an idea developed during the time of the Monarchy pushed by El Wafd ministers as the first major project showing signs of growing gov involvement in major projects. The book claims that the project got delayed for several reasons mainly competition bet the groups of Egyptian business men at the time. The book claims that Nasser passed it off as an achievement of the Military Coupe but the major part of the project was already done before the official opening day announced by Nasser

  4. "but is not it strange to suffer from electricity outage in a country that exports electricity to neighbor countries in Levant"

    Strange, apparently. But there is an explanation. Exporting is generally done in off-peak hours and importing is done in peak hours. Even net exporters have imports from time to time, perfectly natural.

    Blackouts are a function of network quality (transmission) and generation capacity. If there is not enough capacity for peak times, you may have blackouts even if you are a net exporter. If there is plenty of capacity but a poor network to transport the electricity, you may also have blackouts even though you have the capacity to support your demand.

    So it could happen for a number of reasons - I don't know enough to make a good assumption.


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