Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Close Encounter of First Kind in Al Arish

Last week we found ourselves in front really unusual news from Al Arish : There are strange lights in the sky at night that suddenly appeared from the no where and disappeared to  the no where after few moments of its appearance , in other words : A Close encounter of the first kind !!

Strange lights

Poor Al Arish from all what it suffers whether from the Israelis across the borders and the from the Egyptian regime , now aliens are targeting it !!! Where are Amr Adib , Karm Gaber , Abdullah Kamel and Mohamed Ali Ibrahim from that alien conspiracy to invade Sinai !!??? Already I wish that those 4 get abducted by aliens.

Speaking scientifically and seriously there are many explanations for what happened on that particular night , starting from meteors to the Israeli satellites and reaching to the legendary Aurora 

But honestly this is what Egypt needs right now because we need more excitement.

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  1. Zenobia - tell the Al Arish community to have no fear; its most likely Honeywell's MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) Drone, being used for border surveillance. To the un-initiated or drunk on Araki - it looks just like a mini-UFO; and the model with spot-lights (versus infra-red or night-vision) would scare the hummous out of any civilian or poor bedouin. Google it - but I would NOT post its picture, due to Egypt MoD or State Security pointing fingers. Keep up the great work sister - and remember: "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes"! (Roman poet Juvenal) There are alway watchers watching the watchers!


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