Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Follow Up : Unrest In North Sinai As Usual

Despite the official denials that something happened to the Arab gas pipeline and the unconfirmed news that something actually happened to the pipeline especially to the pipeline to Israel , there are some indications from Sinai that some unrests are there.

First of all it is true that the security force took women and children as hostages in Al Arish and after the pipeline bombing news reached to the mainstream media , the security forces have set them free !!

So here is my theory may be no one has bombed the pipeline to Israel but  there were serious threats to do so if the women and children were not  set free and this is why they have been set them free.

I do not understand already why the security forces take women and children as hostages in order to arrest fugitive X or Y , this method proved its failure during the terrorism year not to mention it is illegal , unethical and not  manly.

Today in North Sinai , there was a march organized by thousands of Bedouins to protest the treatment of the police and security forces in the governorate.

I do not know till when they have to express their refusal to the treatment of police which does not understand the Bedouin nature and society. I thought that choosing former Military intelligence chief Mourad Mofi would solve part of this problem but I was wrong.

Despite the official media claims , the policies of the regime in Sinai will turn its people against us and will jeopardize the whole peninsula to danger

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