Egyptian Chronicles: ElBaradei in Fayoum

Friday, June 4, 2010

ElBaradei in Fayoum

Location Senouris, Al Fayyum, Egypt
First of all I apologize that I did not post earlier but it was out of hands thanks to TE Data network which I love to hate.
Mohamed ElBaradei is currently in Fayoum sending important messages from the famous old historical governorate that we are going to have one hell of hot summer.
ElBaradei's program in Fayoum had been announced yesterday , it was announced that he was going to visit Senouris district and pray at the Mubarak mosque there. It is ironic because Senouris is district of the famous Wali NDP family as in Youssef Wali , our former minister of agriculture for decades who destroyed our agriculture and  currently the NDP vice president !!
According to tweets of those in Fayoum from ElBaradei supporters and also reporters that the whole city received the former head of IAEA and currently the symbol of change in Egypt in a way beyond imagination , thousands took the streets with chants from balconies supporting ElBaradei and his quests.
Now here are clips taken on live from few hours ago by mobile phones in Fayoum , I am sorry for the sound quality as it was taken by a mobile phone.

Expect more videos and photos from the visit. I think there is more support from people outside Cairo to the call of ElBaradei for change due to the fact they suffer more than the Cairenes.
Update #1
Speaking in Senouris
 I have to say that I admire the fact ElBaradei and his front are choosing places in Egypt we do not usually know about back in the Capital as we know more details about its conditions
Another thing I believe the NDP began a game of trying to create cracks and spreading false rumors about the group , I hope its members pay attention for this.
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  1. Dear Zenobia,
    Youssef Wali is not from Senouris. He is from Abshaway (he is the one who splitted Abshaway into two districts: Abshaway and Youssef El Seddiq).
    I am sure of that because my family is from El Fayyum and I personally know most the families that are from Senouris.

    Besides, I hope El Baradei will have enough support before next parliament elections, otherwise it will be a very dark period.

  2. Thanks for the correction Sakrquraysh
    I share your wish too


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