Egyptian Chronicles: Flotilla Follow Up : The Hidden Flotilla Tapes Found Their Ways After All

Friday, June 4, 2010

Flotilla Follow Up : The Hidden Flotilla Tapes Found Their Ways After All

The IDF commandos destroyed and confiscated cameras and mobiles on the Gaza flotilla in order to keep truth away from being recorded and then released their own video clips , well I got bad news for them as the flotilla activists managed to hide the memory cards from their cameras in their underwear and soon the world will see the other version documented in video and audio.
Here is a video showing Norman Finkelstein debating a former US Navy officer heading some Zionist organization where Finkelstein reveals at 7:56 that an activist managed to hide 2 SD cards in her underwear and that she would release them next day , already I am searching for them right now.
Focus in 7:56
By the way I hope that you read again the list of the passengers  in the flotilla especially the distinguished VIPs because the Zionist media claims that there are mercenaries including those who were killed on Mavi Marmara.
A teenager has been shot four times in his head because he was a mercenary , an elderly has been shot in the chest and could not be saved from excessive bleeding because he was a mercenary.The IDF commandos shot passengers without any consideration to age or gender or status or whatever you can imagine at the rate of one minute because the passengers were mercenaries !!
Ironically this come from an army whose soldiers and officers are the most famous mercenaries worldwide after leaving the service.
Here is a video I found in Turkish which I believe that it was recorded on the flotilla during its trip to Ashdod after the IDF attack

As you can see the mercenaries had weapons all over the place 
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  1. Z

    Why you disclosed she did hide CD cards in her underwear?

    Now the IDF will benefit from this information, next capture they will sniff all underwear.
    Bon appetite!

  2. " activist managed to hide 2 SD cards in her underwear..."

    She must be hideously ugly, because I would have found those right away!

    "The IDF commandos shot passengers without any consideration to age or gender or status..."

    I believe the criteria was whether or not they were trying to commit murder. But perhaps when the underwear vids surface, you can prove otherwise. I didn't see any females on the deck of that ship when all the violence was occurring. I also didn't see anyone on the deck of the ship who wasn't participating in the attack. I suppose we'll find out whether you can back your claims soon enough.

  3. I have a VERY simple question,
    leave the Israelis, but why those people had so many knifes / sticks / clubs / etc. on board?

  4. The Israeli smear campaign is going by the playbook. Noted by Edward Peck, a former U.S. Ambassador to Mauritania in a press conference, and continued by the above post claiming the woman who hide the cd in her underwear is ‘hideously ugly’.

    A forensic report said Furkan Dogan, 19, a Turkish-American, was shot at close range, with four bullets in his head and one in his chest. Again, FOUR BULLETS ON HIS HEAD, ONE ON HIS CHEST.

    Only an Israeli will challenge whether, with 4 bullets on the head at close range and one on the chest, they were trying to commit murder!

  5. Hey, Zeinobia, if this turns out to be the old bait and switch con job, will you agree to stop blogging? In return I'll agree to stop hassling you if the top secret underwear vids show what you claim they show :)

  6. Of course, if you don't feel comfortable staking your blog future on Finkelstein's integrity I totally understand. He's a bit of a scumbag, and more than a bit of a liar.

  7. actually craig, they released the names of the crew members who were arrested and yes there were females on board. get your facts straight, and I don't mean get them from the 2 second video that was edited by Israe- who shot at the passengers before they started attacking but they only show the part where the passengers are defending themselves. really, a raid that lasted only a couple of minutes? anyone with common sense can see that that video is not showing the whole truth and there are a lot of parts missing.

  8. Anonymous: "...yes there were females on board."

    I said there were no females present on the deck of the ship where all the violence took place. Why do you put words in my mouth, and then accuse me of not having my facts straight? And are you the same anonymous who claimed in the other post that the "passengers" were unarmed? The audacity with which you tell lies is kind of impressive, but not very admirable.

    Anonymous: "anyone with common sense can see that that video is not showing the whole truth and there are a lot of parts missing."

    Parts "missing" between when the IDF guys first started down the ropes from the helicopter, and when the mob started beating on them with clubs and pipes before they even reached the deck? I wonder what you think the Israelis removed from it? Something that might have justified that brutal assault, I guess? Well, you'd pretty much have to tell yourself that, wouldn't you?

    So, anyway... any luck with that underwear video yet, Zeinobia? Or was it just the old bait and switch as I suspected? Or maybe it's taking Finklestein longer than he expected to come up with some fake video that would pass even a Palestinian activist's low standards?

  9. Other? Anonymous: "Only an Israeli will challenge whether, with 4 bullets on the head at close range and one on the chest, they were trying to commit murder!"

    I'm not Israeli. I'm an American Christian.

    Anyway... it's not "murder" if you kill somebody who is trying to kill you. And the number of shots that hit him just means that either they are really good shots or there were a lot of people shooting at him.

    For people who like murder so much (you are all Hamas supporters, right?) you guys sure don't have a very good understanding of what the word means.

    Are these the people you think are ready for democracy, Zeinobia? :)

  10. @Craig: the reports published today show that all those shot received several shots min 4 shots and almost all except one were shot from behind. For those with brains this means the criminal IDF was shooting to kill from the start and was not responding to attacks as claimed. It also means they were not shooting to stop but to kill and may be even enjoying it, given the high number of shots per person. Also, the type of shots used was said to be unique and not seen before, these shots enter the body and remain intact until they reach their targeted spot/organ.
    "Anyway... it's not "murder" if you kill somebody who is trying to kill you":
    does this rule apply only to IDFs or also to the innocent activists who never thought they'd be brutally attacked and murdered just bec they were trying to get some supplies to Gaza?!!

    Israel has been able to pull out its criminal actions for many years now, not thanks to the Israelis who support such actions only but mostly thanks to idiots like you, particularly in those in the US. The US is the one who stands to loose a lot by continuing to side with Israel and clearly this fact will dawn on the likes of you when its too late. As far as many in the World are concerned the US is playing partner in crime by its support for Israel.

    Im so amazed at how those who pretend to be true christians manage to see any justice or defend such a criminal institution as Israel. I find relief in the fact that those behind these on-going crimes and those who feel happy about such actions or defend them will see the justice of God one day.

  11. A self-identified Christian American equates the meaning of (Democracy) to mean actually (under Israeli Control). Classic Democracy means the right of the people in self-governing based on their voice (i.e. elections). Hamas won a free election, but this is not accepted by those who believe in (Democracy= under Israeli control). They want to subjugate the Palestinian in Gaza to bring them into (democracy=under Israeli control).

    So when you hear the question ‘are you ready for democracy?’ you better ask first ‘which democracy do you mean, the classic one or the US version (=under Israeli control)?

  12. Anonymous(s), repeating the same nonsense over and over again doesn't make it any less nonsensical.

    Zeinobia, is there any underwear video? I keep coming back to check because you seem to have the inside scoop. I haven't seen any mention of it in the mainstream media. Is it just a hoax or what?

  13. @Craig: the only none sense here is what you write. You are one person full of ignorance and hate and what you write reflects badly on the type of human you are and the culture you come from, a culture of hate to the other and a culture that thinks its above others.
    Z thank you not only for your posts but also for giving us a platform were sick ppl like Craig and John showcase the hypocritical ideas many in the West have.

  14. It tries my patience to read this blather but here I am still hoping that Egyptians will start working on their many problems and quit hating the Jews so much. I agree that you young (turks)have a right to complain about things in Egypt but you waste your time and energy on hate. I suggest you all go to the following blog and read a very good number of reasons why you should not believe the slanted reports you are getting. Since you want it to be so you believe. How smart is that? I should add that I also lived in Turkey in much better days and greatly admired the Turks. You should all be afraid of Iran and Turkey or do you really think it will be better under an Islamic dictatorship?Ask the Iranians.

    Salaam alayakum


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