Egyptian Chronicles: Anti ElBaradei Club : Why Not To Wait And See !!??

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Anti ElBaradei Club : Why Not To Wait And See !!??

You can't ignore the current attack and skepticism  in the Egyptian media towards Dr. ElBaradei , the hero of change is currently considered a hero from paper. In the past 73 hours rumors about the fate of the National front of change were making headlines then we got the alliance between the Muslim brother and ElBaradei then we got the statements of Kandeel..etc.

I do not have doubt that the regime is using all the dirty tricks in the book in order to create to crack within the National Front for change and to make it join its past sisters from one side and to create a gap between ElBaradei and people from another side. Since the announcement of NFC I have had fears on its destiny not because of Dr. ElBaradei and his constant travels but rather from its members who are staying 24/7 in Cairo. Hopefully Dr. ElBaradei will get through all that jazz in NFC.

Also I can't keep it a secret that there is some kind of jealousy from old political activists when it comes to ElBaradei that is translated in mockery and skepticism as the man who returned from Vienna managed to do what they have failed in : Reaching out for the millions of Egyptians worldwide. You only have to read couple of tweets from the old school political activists and bloggers to know what I refer to. I do not know what that group really wants but the only explanation I could say is that those activists love being under the spotlight and hate anyone else to take their place.

ElBaradei once said that he was trying to change a 7000 years culture and he is true about it , this is our culture ,our heritage we do not want to change ; we are always waiting for savior and we do not care if X or Y hijack the throne of Egypt as long as we eat and sit on our asses waiting for harvest but unfortunately now we do not eat , we do not have harvest and we do not even have place to sit in. This is why I consider the popularity of ElBaradei's and his call for change is a huge step in Egypt with

I will ask the question I have I asked before : When was the last time you had seen the Egyptians react with someone in this way ?? When was the last time you had seen the Egyptians active in restoring their basic political rights !!??

What will be the harm if we wait and give ElBaradei and his group a chance !!?? Do not we all want democratic peaceful change or we are just whining but we are secretly in love with the Mubarak regime !!?? If so then we should treat ourselves from that Stockholm syndrome.

Why not only wait and see but rather to encourage and give a try !!?? If there is no change , we will not lose because in front of history we have tried hard and if we manage to achieve change then I think we have done something for real.

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  1. "When was the last time you had seen the Egyptians react with someone in this way ?? When was the last time you had seen the Egyptians active in restoring their basic political rights !!??"

    Well, what I see is that the Egyptians are acting passively and that the man is still alone

  2. "the man who returned from Vienna managed to do what they have failed in : Reaching out for the millions of Egyptians worldwide."

    غيرة !! حتى لو كانت غيرة .. مش منطقي أبداً ان واحد يهبط بالباراشوت على مطالب قوى ورموز سياسية ناضلت من أجلها وطالبت بيها لفترات طويلة وفي ناس دفعوا ثمن ده وييجي واحد ينزل يعتبرها شروط (شروط) علشان سيادته ينزل الملعب .. وواحد بلا دور يذكر ولا تاريخ ولا ولا ولا ولا ييجي مرة واحدة كده وحواليه شوية بيطبلوا ويعمل فيها العمدة .. طب يا سيدي اعمل العمدة براحتك وخلي الطبالين يطبلوا والغوازي يرقصوا .. ربنا ما يجعلنا من قطاعين الأرزاق. انما فجأة يتقال:
    When was the last time you had seen the Egyptians react with someone in this way ?? When was the last time you had seen the Egyptians active in restoring their basic political rights !!??
    ذي إيجيبتشيانز المقصود بيها مين .. الاعتصام المليوني اللي أمام مجلس الشعب يطالب بتعديل الدستور طبقاً لشروط "بطل التغيير" علشان ينزل الجميل على الساحة ويتمختر كده براحه؟ .. ولا المظاهرة النصف مليونية اللي حملت البرادعي على الأعناق ووقفت أمام قصر الرئاسة تهتف بسقوط الديكتاتور .. ولا الملايين اللي نزلت انتخابات التجديد النصفي تمهيداً لتفاعل أكبر في انتخابات مجلس الشعب وفرض اختيار الشعب بالقوة وإجبار النظام على التراجع عن التزوير؟!

    يا ترى الكلايين دول هما الأربعين واحد اللي كانوا بيمشوا يسقفوا ورا البرادعي (مع احترامي للأربعين واحد مش البرادعي) في فسحه؟ ولا الآلاف اللي حشدهم الإخوان في زيارة الفيوم ودي تدليل على ضعف البرادعي وقوة الإخوان

    ممكن حد يقوللي ايه الجديد اللي أتى به البرادعي علشان أدعمه؟ ليه أحط اسم البرادعي على مطالب تبنتها قوى سياسية من سنوات كثيرة ودفع ثمنها رموز كثيرة؟ ايه الجديد اللي أتى به البرادعي؟ رط ورغي وأحاديث وكلام فاضي وفسح وقرف؟
    ممكن حد يوزن البرادعي أمام قيادة من قيادات الإخوان مثلاً؟ أو من القضاة؟ أو حتى قدام أي واحد من أراجوزات معمر؟ بلاش أقول نوزن البرادعي أمام واحدزي رفعت السعيد ولا حتى الشيخ (***) رجب

    في اليوم اللي يتقال فيه ان البرادعي هو الأمل في التغيير يبقى نجح النظام .. لأن البرادعي سراب .. حاجه منظورة غير موجودة ولو قربت وبصيت كويس مش هتلاقي حاجه

  3. وبعدين ويت آند سي
    ويت لامتى؟ وسي ايه؟ بتفكريني بعم أيوب لما كان بيقول أنا جاي.. والنعمه جاي

    آدي شرفنا البرادعي (بيزور مصر زيارات متقطعة لكن حسه في الدنيا برضك يا حاج) كان تأييد البرادعي والأمل فيه قبل وصوله الميمون إلى مصر أقوى بمراحل من تأييده والأمل فيه الآن .. بمعنى أصح لما نزل اتكشف .. وحاكم احنا شعب مؤمن ونؤمن بالغيبيات أكتر من أي حاجه تانيه* (* حقيقة علمية على رأي نبيل فاروق) .. آدي البرادعي جه .. خد أي خطوة معتبرة أو ليها تأثير يذكر يخدم سعيه (المزعوم) نحو التغيير؟ عمل جمعية .. شي الله يا جمعية .. قعد يجمع توقيعات على تفويض!! ويقول للناس على قد ما تتحركوا أنا هتحرك

    محصلة الفترة اللي من ساعة ما شرف سيادته وحل أهلاً ونزل سهلاً لغاية الجمعة اللي فاتت ايه ... نيل .. صفر لا على شمال ولا على يمين .. بيج زيرو كده في نص صفحة فاضية

    الإخوان هيجمعوا توقيعات .. يعني الإخوان هيستغلوا البرادعي .. الإخوان هتحط قوتها ورا عنوان أثبت انه فارغ تماماً .. خد فرصته كاملة واثبت فشله .. ليه بقى؟ علشان أي نجاح يحصل وأي إيجابية تحصل تبقى منسوبة للإخوان .. من هنا ورايح اللي يتكلم عن البرادعي والحراك اللي هيحصل يبقى بيتكلم عن قوة الإخوان .. انما البرادعي ده كان بالونة وفست (أعزكم الله) .. وشد اللحاف يا برادعي، مع الإعتذار لعزة بلبع

  4. At least some of El-Baradei critics are not Anti-Baradei. They may seem harsh and sarcastic, but these are common features of political dialogue in Egypt nowadays. It's the content of their ranting that you need to look into. In many cases there is some truly honest advice within. Ignoring such advice may cost El-Baradei a lot.

  5. I humbly, strongly believe there's only a lot of talk from all sides and the '7aal will stay 3ala ma yoram' no change in sight from my window, only ma3raka f kobayet mayah, to say the least. It's exciting to see that some have the courage and the will to make a difference. But...History will tell...

  6. @Kalabawy thousands have signed his statement

    @Tafatefo if he were a mirage and the regime succeeds accordingly , why the regime is acting hysterically when the name of ElBaradei is mentioned
    Already the man does not want to become a president but rather wants to change a huge system , a regime.

    @Kalimakhus , I know about those you are referring to and I respect their opinion but I am speaking about the others.

  7. ريجيم .. لو تقصدي حضرتك بالريجيم هوهو الجمهورية ونونو الأخبار تبقي غلطانة .. دول كلاب صاحبها بتهوهو على الغريب وبس .. انما النظام متصرفش بهيستيرية مع البرادعي ولا حاجه .. أهلاً بالبرادعي لاعباً في لعبة نسيطر تماماً على أوراقها ونجيد التعامل مع كل جاد ولاهً (تنوين بالكسرة تحت الهاء) .. كوتشينتنا وقوانينا واحنا اللي بنحسب

    طب أنا نفسي البرادعي ياخد خطوة واحدة تخوف النظام وتخليه يتعامل بهستيرية .. البرادعي جاي يقول أنا هلعب اللعبة لو غيرتوا قوانينها !! يا سلام يا أخويا يا سلام (على رأي فوزية) .. طب خليك قاعد بقى مستني لما تتغيرلك قوانينها

    وبعدين تفضل الأسئلة اللي استبدلت إجابتها بسؤال ليه النظام بيتعامل بهستيرية:
    ليه أحط إسم البرادعي على مطالب قوى وأشخاص نادت بها من سنوات كثيرة ودفع الكثير ثمناً لها؟
    ايه محصلة الظهور الميمون للسيد البرادعي طول الفترة اللي فاتت .. ايه مظاهر الحراك (أو دليله) اللي حضرتك بتتكلمي عنه؟ وايه مظاهر تفاعل الناس (اللي حضرتك قلتي عليه) مع دعواه للتغيير؟
    بعد شهور من وصول البرادعي يمكن أن يقال انه تحقق كام في الميه من الخطة (اللي هو قال انها مش موضوعه) وان موقف دعواه (باعتبارها دعواه يعني) للتغيير وصلت لأي مرحلة (من المراحل اللي مش معروفه لينا ,اعتقد ليه كمان) .. طب المفروض تفاعل الناس مع ايه؟ مع زياراته؟ يعني الناس تمشي وراه في زياراته وتروح تتفسح معاه يعني؟ ده حتى الحدث اليتيم اللي كان المفروض يدعو الناس فيه للتحرك للحصول على حقوقهم الديموقراطية مخدش منه موقف وبعد ما خلص قال ايه قالهم قاطعوا
    ده أنا ضحكت ضـ(و)ـحك .. مش ضحك .. ضـ(و)ـحك .. صمت دهراً ونطق كفراً

    أيوه أنا مش مقتنع من أول يوم .. وكل يوم بيزيد اقتناعي بموقفي .. لكن البرادعي اللي جه برشت على مطالب القوى السياسية من زمان (وبقت بتنسب لاسم جنابه) مكتفاش بده بل ودعا لرده في مواقف سعت لتغييرها قوى معارضة .. قوى كتير بتنادي بأهمية المشاركة والوقوف في وجه التغيير .. وسيادته بيقول قاطعوا!!
    طب ده موقفه في انتخابات مجلس الشعب (لأنها نفس المسرحية اللي الناس ملهاش فيها ناقة ولا جمل زي ما هو شايف) .. وانتخابات الرئاسة بقى بالمرة
    يكونشي مستني حسني يسيبله الكرسي ويقوله اتفضل؟ ولا يكون مستني الهداية تنزل على حسني في آخر أيامه (أستغفر الله العظيم) ويقرر انه يعمل الإصلاح!!
    إنك لا تهدي من أحببت

    تاني .. شد اللحاف يا برادعي .. مع الإعتذار لعزة بلبع

  8. Already the man does not want to become a president but rather wants to change a huge system , a regime.

    اديني أمارة .. وعايز يغير النظام ازاي؟ بالفسح، ولا المقابلات التليفيزيونية والصحفية، ولا دعوته لمقاطعة المسرحية المسماة الانتخابات؟

    ده سعي هائل لتغيير نظام بقاله 56 سنة والله

  9. Z: Im from the 1980's generation. I strongly support the demands presented by El Baradie, I see his as the only potential candidate for a transition period. I'm not a worshiper of persons though, i.e. I will support the one who seems to believe in the country I dream of and the one who seems most capable of delivering. Among all the opposition parties the only one that used to appeal to me based on its founding principles was El Wafd, and while I have a huge admiration to the youth of El Wafd who have been reportedly behind the push for El Baradie, Im disappointed in the party leaders, who let go of a clear change to bring back the part to the political scene for real. Now, I know EL Wafd got good coverage in the media esp the national (regime) media but this is all a game laid down by the regime to present El Badawi as a potential candidate and a possible contender vis a vis El Baradie.
    I was in a short visit to Cairo and my conclusion is the following, the majority of those Ive spoken with and most of them are form the upper middle class, not living the good life though, they work hard to ear their living, they are not connected and they have been hit by the on-going price increases and bad conditions of the country. The majority lost faith in the possibility of change, I'd also say they are afraid of where will they be if things change, fear of change is a major factor albeit not an expressed one. They also try and find any faults with El Baradie, as if we have the luxury of choosing in the first place and as if there are so many potentially good candidates. The most repeated point was that the man doesnt wow them when he talks, not like previous leaders. My replies were thats exactly why I support this man above all others. Im not sure if this is how other from my generation see this but for me Im done with the "leader" personna. I do not want someone who knows how to wow the crowd with empty words and promises, havent we have enough with those? I want one who is a visionary and an executor. One who knows how to dream of a better place, draw plans by resorting to experts, knows how to choose hid aids, fair and knows how to direct ppl properly and fairly.
    As I see it, ppl like the ones I met while in Cairo and with all due respect Tafatefo (and plz dnt take it personally) are missing the point here. We do not have the luxury of picking and choosing even, we are at a dire place, and the longer it takes for the ppl to join ranks the higher the possibility of an eventual breakdown of the country and it will be very ugly.
    The real questions here are: do you believe the current constitution should be changed? do you believe in the right of independent candidates to run? do you believe that the current elections legislative and actual framework is ill-fitted and allows for a great room for corruption, forgery ect? Do you believe that more of the same policies will result in even worse social conditions in the country? how do you see Egypt under the same regime in 20-50-100 years? Is this the country you want to get old in and want your kids to live and grow-up in? Can you be less selfish and negative and think of the next generations and how to make this place a better country?!! What will you loose if you supported a man whom at least had the guts to stand up and tell the ugly truth as it is w/o adding or taking from it to our faces and the ugly and brutal face of the regime, at times when putting your head down and kissing a%^ seems to buy you safety, high position and loads of money and power or else do what the majority have done, pretend the matter doesnt concern them and go on living ganb el 7aiit under the illusion that they are still alive and that they are safe?

  10. Why not wait? Well, because changing a president or a regime or a system does not change the 80 million people, which means it does not change Egypt. The change starts from the bottom, not the top. When the people of Egypt change, the country will change, and the system will change. Not ElBaradei and not 1000 ElBaradeis can change anything if the people do not change themselves first.

  11. I am convinced that the majority of Egyptians is in a state of precontemplation, not interested or even thinking about changing the old habits.
    A small percentage is in a state of contemplation, thinking/interested about changing but do anything about it.
    Another small percentage is into preparations about changing, but not regularly.
    The percentage that is taking action
    to change the old habits don't see to be able to maintain the new habits.
    Moving forward and refusing the loss of dignity takes an education from the 1st day in school and at home. Building confidence and knowledge are the base for a people that would be capable to move forward to the next stage after encoutering a road block.
    They need to learn from day 1 that constant new information/knowledge and new skills make moving to the next stage a habit and part of their daily naturally.
    Maybe in another 25 years a new generation will be confident enough to grow independently relying on their own brain, knowledge, educaton,skills and resources to move Egyptians to the next stage.

  12. Also, I wanted to add ..that I'm very impressed that El Baradei is taking some action.
    The problem is: he needs to live in Egypt and be involved within the system at the top and the system at the bottom, to be able to evaluate the humongous work that is needed for a change within the Egyptian psyche.
    When out of Egypt, theories are applied. Go live with the people - experiment the tough life within the dark alleys where the 3eshwa2eyat are built for survival,where the sick die alone in the streets from drugs overdoses, where brothers kill each other for a piece of bread.
    Field research/ field work - out of the lab -within the field, among the reality is so needed for the fortifications constructed prior to a battle.
    Is El Baradei throwing himself in the field to sense the majority's misery? he is going around and back. I would be more comfortable if he would move back and take the deep plunge - out of his villa and away from the air conditionned facilities... the real plunge in real life in shanty towns among the extremely poor Egyptians - that is what I want to see. Once his participant research is accomplished, then we can say the man knows the ethnography of the egyptian people and is ready to be the voice of the people - not necessarily as President mind you.
    Only when his participant observation, interviews, questionnaires, etc. are accomplished in order for him to understand the nature of the majority of Egyptians he needs to study, will I feel cpmpletely convinced that the intention and the actions taken up to know will be productive.

  13. Question: Do I support El Baradie and NFC? (answer) Absolutely yes.
    Q: Do I think El Baradie will be the next president of Egypt? (answer) Probably not (being realistic here).
    Q: So why I’m supporting him? (answer) Because it is the right thing to do.
    Q: If not, how I see the near future of Egypt? (answer) More or less the same. Doing nothing will entrench the status quo.
    Q: Can the traditional Egyptian activism bring the change? (answer) Yes, but incremental, not monumental.
    Q: Can the change be imposed from the top only? (answer) Yes, in case of CEO to a company. Country is a different story.
    Q: The base is asleep, how we achieve the change from base-up? (answer) You need a catalyst.
    Q: Is current regime afraid from El Baradie? (answer) Probably not. His political weight doesn’t incite fear. But if he causes a chemical reaction in the political national arena, the masses at the base will go beyond control.
    Q: What is the worst crime of the current regime? (answer) Preventing emergence of a viable alternative. An alternative that fits our dreams.
    Q We can't get what we want, and we know what we don't want; what can we do now? (answer) Read my post from the top.


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