Egyptian Chronicles: On The 1st and 2nd of June 1967

Saturday, June 5, 2010

On The 1st and 2nd of June 1967

This photo was taken in Jordan on the 1st of June 1967
In Jordan

This photo was taken in Egypt on the 2nd of June 1967
In Egypt 
 These are of course the photos which were published in the media and on the wires showing our preparations which actually
I know I can't escape the Six days war Karbala because simply in the past 30 years we are repeating the same mistakes that led to the defeat in that war or even battle as the military now describe , our defeat will not be a military but rather … I just do not know how to describe it because I fear it.
May Allah bless our soldiers souls
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  1. More Islam and more pan Arabism (Arab version of Nazism) will, of course, lead to another defeat.

    Not necessarily by Israel, but in the end all evils are punished by something. Wake up ...

  2. Great post Zeinobia...have you seen the 2 posts on my blog about 5th of June ???

  3. Let me take this opportunity Zenobia to thank you for this platform. I follow your articles and appreciate this opportunity to express myself.
    Wa ba3d...
    [quote]in the past 30 years we are repeating the same mistakes that led to the defeat in that war or even battle as the military now describe , our defeat will not be a military but rather..[/quote]
    The collective refusal to bow and submit comes to mind as a solution...but notice that the majority of Egyptians are totally 'numb' they go with the flow..they are too discouraged to change from bowing to standing up tall for their rights...they go on arguing and raising their voices and then go to sleep exausted ..and tomorrow is another day time to stand up for their rights: the kids are hungry... The free officers'revolution was a failure and its culmination was the 6 days war..The Sadate days appeared like a change was happenning but the US alliance and the Israeli peace talks brought yet a different wind among Egypt..and the result is also a failure. For the past 20, some years, every Egyptian I happen to talk to - from taxi drivers, to gardeners, from waiters to managers, from students to teachers - wants to leave Egypt. They feel they are not being taken care of, they have been let down by their beloved country/state..they feel they lost their dignity from father to son and on.. all they want is a 'decent' life.
    The majority of Egyptians living in Egypt today have been tamed...they can't fight anymore..
    Egyptians need a MIRACLE.. not a MIRAGE ;)

  4. @John where did you get the idea that pan Arabism is the Arabized Nazism? You're a f* troll, either a conservative Christian right winger teabagger flag waving white trash, or probably some Jihad-watch Fox-viewer sh*t.

  5. My Dear Zeinobia, Just above the comment box you say " I will not tolerate any insult in my blog or any racist or hateful comment." Why on earth did you publish Musa? Frankly, I am losing hope for Egypt. Concentrate on the problems of Egypt and stop blaming the Jews for everything. For a reasonably objective comment on the blockade suggest you look at

  6. @Misrscribe: so you got offended by Mus's comment but not by John's!!
    Stop thinking you can tell us what to think about and that includes Z as well. What makes you think Z isnt concerned like all of us about our problems?!! Im sure your version of a good Egypt is one that says yes to Israel all the time. Well, news flash for the past few years we had very strong cooperation with israel and by we I mean our regime and look where did this get us and where did it get the World--an even worse situation in MENA.
    Last but not least, stop being ignorant, neither Z nor most who write here as well as millions in the region have an issue with Jews. In case you forgot, Muslims were the ones who protected their Jewish citizens and even accepted Jews fleeing the hatred of Europe. But what we all and any sane human have an issue with is occupation and injustice and when this has resulted in tearing MENA apart, thousands of immigrants, thousands of deaths, stolen villages, houses, farmlands, nuclear weapons at our door steps in the hands of ppl who do not seem to be able until now to grasp the gravity of what has been done since 1947 and do not seem so interested in peace, then we have every right to blame those Jews and non-Jews who support such a monster of an illegal entity. Lear the difference between what is Jewish and what is Israeli and get over equating Judaism with Israel after all this only tarnishes the heavenly religion itself. If you dare to think beyond what you have been brainwashed to believe then go and check how the state of Israel is actually against the very teachings of Judaism. Also, if you do believe in God then know for sure he always allows for fairness and justice to prevail and one day in this World and before him those who were responsible for all this loss and sadness in MENA will get their proper punishment and that includes the likes of you and John who support injustices towards ppl and a region they do not know much about and who deep inside look down on those inhabitants. We do not need your advices, fix the wrongs with yourself and your side of the World first and then come and give us lessons

  7. >Concentrate on the problems of Egypt and stop blaming the Jews for everything

    @Misrscribe typical dogma. For your information, I am atheist and don't give a f* about blaming Jews or whatnots. Oh wait what.. did I just said J.. now it's your turn to yell at me: ANTI-SEMITE!!!

    Who brought up Jews?! My comment was direct to the point to @John who is right winger.

    And sorry dude, you can't troll on my because of the hate speech. I live in the States myself. Welcome to the internet where FREE SPEECH.


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