Saturday, June 19, 2010

If Mohamed Ali Knew

If Mohamed Ali had known what was going to happen to his mosque which includes his tomb , may be he would have had a second thought when that delegation of Egyptians came to his house in Egypt asking him to lead the country.
The Mohamd Ali Mosque as you may know is from the most beautiful and fantastic Mosques in Cairo which is built on the famous Turkish style , it is like our own Egyptian Blue Mosque. Its domes are more than just incredible.

I have found by accident that the grand magnificent hall at the Mosque has been turned to wedding ceremonies hall !! Yes wedding ceremonies hall where Muslim families hold their wedding there in the morning.
While Non Muslim women from tourists respect our Mosques and cover themselves , you will be surprised to find that in these wedding ceremonies Muslim women do not cover their heads or even take off their shoes but rather wear socks !! Despite being unveiled ,I am so disturbed from this disrespect to the Mosques , this is not a wedding ceremony hall for God sake !!
Here are photos from singer and businessman Mohamed Tharwat's daughter wedding ceremony.

Mohamed Tharwat and Hani Shaker
The bride and the groom family
Minister Ahmed Darwish and his wife 

With the Mufti
Yes this is the grand Mufti and do not ask if he did not notice that women do not cover themselves inside a Mosque , it is still a Mosque officially !!I am not fanatic but from from religious view and from a nationalist view I feel that this is an insult. 
Mohamed Ali tomb
I will not speak about the religious leadership in this country because as you can see they approve this action from the photo of the Mufti posted above but Where is Dr. Zahi Hawas ?? This is a huge insult to our history not to mention to the founder of modern Egypt whose was buried there.Of course I should not be surprised after all because it seems the royal palaces have been in to wedding halls !!
Photo credits: 
Moatz Sunbul
Adam Burnett
AlFan online


  1. which is built on the famous Turkish style

    It is, of course, built in the (not)famous Greek style, which is older than Islam itself.

    Viva la Islamic imperialism and cultural genocide.

  2. The question is not 'If Muhammad Ali Knew' but 'Who owns the lucrative contract to hold wedding parties at this mosque'

  3. John: where do you see any references to Hagia Sophia in Zeinobia's post????? She referres to the Blue Mosque or Sultan Ahmed Mosque, which was designed and built by one of Mimar Sinan's pupils (do you even know who Sinan was?????)Please get your facts straight before adding comments!

    Viva la stupidity and racisme!

  4. Echoes: Typical American style - after all it has been built and designed by Simpson.

    Take it as a fact because it is racist and stupid to disagree.

  5. I think the same applies to his palace near Shobra , weddings,engagement ceremonies, and Fashion shows.

  6. Sudanese Observer6/19/2010 08:35:00 PM

    It should be turned into a memorial for all the victims of his and his dynasty's tyranny from 1820 onwards when he decided to invade, occupy and subjugate Sudan for its gold (which he ironically didn't find), soldiers of a Negroid stock to incorporate into his army and to secure the sources of the Nile. How ironic it is that his regional strategy completely failed and that successive generations of Egyptians bear its bitter legacy whilst continuing to blindly glorify Muhammad Ali and refusing to revisit their history.

  7. Echoes: "where do you see any references to Hagia Sophia in Zeinobia's post?????"

    I think John was referring to Zeinobia's obvious confusion about what the "famous Turkish style" of building Mosques really is. The Turks, being nomadic illiterate dung-eating barbarians when they conquered the Byzantine empire copied the achievements of a civilization much more advanced than their own, just as the Arabs did before them.

    For future reference, this is the the famous Turkish architectural style:

    Turkish Architecture 101

    The Turks did invent kebabs though! So, that's worth something!

  8. John: Dnt even get us started on the amount of destruction the West and some so-called Christians have brought on the old and the present World. What an idiot really, every time I think weve seen the worst of you, you manage to top your ignorance and racism. You must be a sad person may God help those who have to put up with you

  9. i am saddened by this news. Even the famous Blue Mosque in Turkey didn't have such activities inside the mosque. It was forbidden to take photos during prayers too! and it is a shame that Muslim women disrespect or forget their religion by going into the mosque without wearing veil or scarf when we have lots of Western tourists especially women asking on tour guide forums what they should do and not when entering a mosque in respect to Islam! I have no problem the women wearing socks in the mosque but not wearing scarfs and short skirts is disgusting!

  10. "Dnt even get us started on the amount of destruction the West and some so-called Christians have brought on the old and the present World."

    Christianity is far older than Islam is, anonymous. And both the (Christian) Eastern and Western Roman empires were the most advanced civilizations on the planet, at a time when Arabs were living in tents in the desert.

    It's really bad form to accuse people who correct mis-statements of historical facts of being "racist". Especially on a blog like this, where bigotry against Israel and against Westerners is considered perfectly fine.

  11. I'm no fan of Muhammed Ali for all the destruction of older Mamluke/Ayubid/Fatimid structures and neighbourhoods he inflicted. That mosque itself was built of demolished Mamluke buildings.

    Having said that, it is sad how the regime continues to exploit everything and anything it can.

    As for Zahi Hawas, he only cares about himself. To the extend that he cares about any antiquities, then it's Pharaonic ones not Islamic or Byzantine ones.

  12. Please could you clarify something? You seem shocked that Muslim women shouldn't cover their heads in the Mosque. I am not a Muslim, but I have read the Holy Q'ran from cover to cover, and the only reference I can find to how women should dress states that women should "cast a veil across their bosoms" and "cover their private parts". That is it. Nothing about covering the head or veiling the face. So the covering of heads and the veiling of faces may well be a local tradition, but it is NOT part of following the teachings contained in the Holy Q'ran. Therefore there should be no reason to consider that not covering in this way is disrespectful to the Mosque.


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