Saturday, June 19, 2010

Follow Up : Alexandrian Anger

Alexandria is still angry for the murder of Khalid Said and is still insisting on impressing us with its action. Yesterday Friday Alexandrians held a sit at the Corniche to object the regime's practices in Khalid Said's murder. The plan was simple to meet after the Friday prayer at the Corniche and to have a sit in there in silence in respect to Khalid and his family.
Honestly I wish I were with them , it is so admirable and powerful. People from all ages , classes and backgrounds showed up , Some people say that Alexandria has not seen something like that for years and I would dare to say that Egypt has not seen something like that for years.
Check from the videos and photos below.

Khalid Said's Friday Corniche sit in

Photo courtesy : Facebook groups
The police in Alexandria left the protesters alone where it cracked a similar sit on that was planned to be held at the same at the Nile Corniche in Cairo. Police forces and security agents stalked all those who wore black and went to the Nile Corniche on Friday in Cairo , still activists managed to gather in some places at the Nile Cornish.
At the Nile Corncihe , Cairo
Al Mansoura Corniche also witnessed its first silent sit in ,you can check it at Reem Al Ashry's blog. Here is a beautiful photo from Reem showing the silent sit in.
At Al Mansoura Corncihe , Al Mansoura
I believe the message is received well because for the first time since the start of this scandal , Al Ahram newspaper speaks briefly about possible penalty to the agents if they are proven to be guilty of beating the crap out of Said. Despite the fact that from a legal point what they have done is considered a murder , yet this is a new tune from the regime as in the past two weeks the Police was innocent.
People are fed up and they want any occasion to express their anger , the Alexandrians found in Khalid Said's murder an opportunity to express that anger.
Hats off to Mohamed Abdel Fattah for his great coverage in Alexandria yesterday.
There will be another sit in next Friday and Dr. ElBaradei is expected to participate in after paying a visit to Khalid Said's family. 

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