Egyptian Chronicles: Masr's People

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Masr's People

It is a small clip and it is not done by an Egyptian but you can see my people , the people of Masr.

Watch it till the end

I believe Morgade should not have used Hanin's mawal as an intro for the film , of course for foreigners who do not understand Arabic and its different accents there is no difference ; this mawal is authentic Lebanese one that does not go with Egypt and if you do not know the name of this clip , you may think it is about Lebanese people after all we are all Arabs and lookalike.

The clip is so fine , so beautiful.

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  1. Hi there! I am Javier Morgade, the author of the short film. I know the intro song is lebanese. I heard it on a CD mixed by Dj AKM, an Egyptian dj and musician I met while I was there. I loved the piece, so I asked him for it and finally used it since I didn't find any other thing fitting that well with the images. Maybe I shouldn't, but this is a personal piece about my own experience... I hope this doesn't bother anybody. I really love your country, and really enjoyed shooting the whole thing. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. @Javier Morgade:
    I enjoyed your short film as you have captured some real Egyptian facial emotions. I congratulate you for "opening" up your subjects to your camera, your music was very enjoyable too.....good work.

  3. Nice work. I had tears in my eyes althuogh I have not been outside Egypt for long. Still the movie really made feel how much I miss the Egyptians.

  4. Thats the Egypt that i love so much, the Egypt of the egyptians, not the other focused on tourism. Nice job.

  5. @Javier Morgade ,

    We are the ones who should thank you on this beautiful piece of art , you do not know how it has touched us all , I think you can feel it from the comments
    Thank you again and please come again another short films again about my people :)


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