Egyptian Chronicles: A Golden Moment

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Golden Moment

Do you remember the protests at the Saint Markus cathedral from couple of weeks ago when the Egyptian Orthodox Christians objected that second marriage !!??
Well something very interesting happened in this protest  , Nabil Luka El-Babawy's car was attacked by the angry Christians who considered him as a regime agent and traitor to the church , it was priceless moment caught on camera.
Luka has been appointed for the second time in the Shura council , the lower house.
Regarding the second marriage law , well President Mubarak has issued his order to form a committee from Christian judges and lawmakers in order to prepare the personal status law for Christian sects.There is already a problem in this law , the Anglican church does not approve on some of the articles supported the Orthodox and Catholic churches ,these articles deal with the divorce and adoption
Mubarak had to interfere otherwise he would lose the golden Christian vote in the elections.
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  1. I disagree with the characterization (Mubarak may loose the golden Christian vote in the elections) as if Christians are single-issue voters without national concerns. Minorities always realize how suppressive regimes create and capitalize on sectarian tension to grasp on power. Yet, minorities may not be vocal as a block to display they real discontent and disapproval. After all they sense weakness and the need for protection.

    Every group has it’s own cadre of opportunist and sell-out like Bibawi. Traitors are always treated the same, no matter what is their original affiliation and who benefit from their appeasement.

  2. There was never a "Golden Christian" or independent vote in Egypt for a long time.
    The election results were always rigged and the outcome was 99.99% in favor of the ruling powers in place.
    Short of a mass revolution, the forthcoming election result is clear and Christians will continue to be marginalized as usual.

  3. @anonymous#1 and anonymous#2 did not the church support Mubarak in the last elections and forced the people to issue electoral ids in order to vote for him and his party for fear the MBs and so-called Islamist rule in the country !!??
    This is happened and we all remember it , if the Christian vote is not important , why does the Orthodox church choose Mubarak and son in advance and use its power to convince the Christians with their support !!??

  4. From anonymous 2:
    The culture of fear has made yes-men out of the church and Al-Azhar religious leaders. As proven over the past the government will rig the votes to it's own favor regardless!


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