Egyptian Chronicles: Please Spare Egypt From Your Love Paris

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Please Spare Egypt From Your Love Paris

Paris Hilton loves Egypt apparently  !!
The TV Reality scandalous heiress got a new poster with Egypt supposedly in the background !! I do not see Egypt in the background though , all what I see modern buildings and she is taking over the whole poster with her trushy pose
Paris has landed in Egypt from 21 hours ago for an event she will hold. Of course I am expected a media circus following her pink footsteps.
Please Spare Egypt from Your Love Paris Hilton
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  1. Ugh, you should've seen the photo of her that went along with the invitations to this car-show event.

  2. She was a flash in the pan in the US and now is a 'has been' and seeking fame in 3rd class media. Besides, if it was not for her family's money she is considered as joke in Hollywood.

  3. Seebek enty, mafish a7la mel comments there, nas day3a


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