Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Furkan

Meet 19 years old Furkan Dogan who was killed by 4 bullets in his head on the board of the Mavi Marmara that had witnessed his cold blood murder by some coward IDF commando.
Furkan Dogan
Dogan is a Turkish American citizen and I wonder if the U.S will be interested according to his right to know why and how he was killed in a cold bold.
In a very powerful scene today Istanbul witnessed the funeral of the 9 Turks who were killed by the IDF on Mavi Marmara , it is powerful scene with lots of meanings indeed.
Now with the return of flotilla's activists more shocking details about that morning are revealed to the whole world in order to expose the lies of the IDF.
Democracy Now aired an interview with Huwaida Arraf, chairperson of the Free Gaza Movement, and retired U.S. Col. Ann Wright.
You can find more testimonies in this blog which I urge you to spread as much as you can.  
You should also read the testimony of Sarah Colborne in the Guardian. I can't believe how anyone can claim that all those people from different backgrounds and have different beliefs that are gathered for peaceful cause would lie !!
KM Haneen Zanoubi is facing a lot of trouble in Israel for being in the flotilla and exposing the crimes of the IDF , still she is strong wonderful Palestinian lady
The Egyptian Official media is starting to attack Turkey whether officially and unofficially praising the bravery and wisdom of Mubarak !! For the past 48 hours Turkey has replaced Iran as an alien power that can't stand us…etc. It is getting worse because regional and international media do not hide the fact that Turkey is replacing Egypt thanks to the sick man of the Arab world.
The regime knows that there is an increasing admiration in the Egyptian street for the Turks and they can't make us hate them as they are not Shiite but rather Sunni who got very nice romantic soap operas with democratic political life we aspire to.
From Mfatta7 in Alexandria
 Hosni Mubarak is the one who chose to become the sick man of the Middle East with his internal and foreign  policies that did not put Egypt's best interest above all.
By the way where is the hell Saudi Arabia ??
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  1. Sudanese Optimist6/04/2010 01:35:00 AM

    Informative links.

    'Egypt increasingly has only its memory of past grandeur on which to stand.'

    How so very true.

    If you believe that Egypt's leadership has not successfully contributed towards Egypt's genuine and long-term interests - are you willing to support a government which would make the necessary sacrifices for this in order to right past wrongs - no matter how painful they may be?

    Are you willing to support a collective and comprehensive process of self-introspection even if this results in painful realisations?

    Another example of Turkey's perceived leadership role can be found not in Egypt's Eastern Mediterranean neighbours, but in Sudan.
    Egypt wanted to chair the recent donor conference for the reconstruction of Darfur in Cairo - and 'at the insistence of the Sudanese government' and the dismay of Egyptian officials - the Sudan insisted on Turkey co-chairing the conference.

  2. "Dogan is a Turkish American citizen and I wonder if the U.S will be interested according to his right to know why and how he was killed in a cold bold."

    So not only do you want to tell us how we should feel, you want to tell us what the circumstances of his death were? We don't get any say?

  3. Here is a first list of Turkish martyrs

  4. Hey, programmer craig, stop presuming to speak for "us". You're a freak, not an American. Us true Americans don't buy your racism. Go pull out your scrapbook of 1930s Alabama lynchings if you want to get your racist rocks off. Israel murdered an American citizen and you don't even care because litmus test. You don't deserve to be an American, I think we should strip your citizenship and let you live in Gaza, then we'll see how long you make it when you start spitting venom in all your new neighbors' faces.

  5. "Us true Americans"

    God help us all if "true americans" were like you. Half the planet would be radioactive and uninhabitable by now. The fact it isn't is pretty good evidence you aren't representative of anybody in the US except the lunatic fringe.

    "Israel murdered an American citizen and you don't even care because litmus test."

    If he was one of those people on the deck of that ship, he was trying to murder Israeli soldiers as they performed a lawful blockade inspection. If you were a "true american" you'd be appalled by such behavior, and you'd agree he got what he deserved. "True americans" don't refer to murderers as martyrs and heroes.

  6. @programmer craig,

    The blockade is illegal so there is no such thing as a “lawful blockade inspection”.

    The occupation of Palestine is illegal and the racist zionist jewish colony has no right what so ever to control Palestine.

    Also, Zenobia was not trying to tell you what or how you should feel. She was describing a massacre on the high seas committed by racist zionist jews against unarmed civilians.
    If that makes you feel upset perhaps you have a guilty conscience?


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