Egyptian Chronicles: Paris In Giza

Friday, June 4, 2010

Paris In Giza

Forget about Gaza flotilla news , forget about ElBaradei , forget about the Nile river share crisis as Paris Hilton is visiting our country , eat your shorts Iran and Turkey !!
Paris Hilton has visited the eternal land of the Nile and pyramids to promote a BMW car in the Auto Mac Car Show of Akhbar Al Youm. It seems that the Bavarian company is very desperate to sell their new car in the market so they would bring Hilton to Cairo just to stand in front of it !!
In Auto Mac 2010
Of course Paris would not be Paris Hilton if she did not visit our most landmarks and wonders to do some stupid poses , needless to say that thank God she did not show us her underwear in front of our great pyramid !!

I am very happy that Zahi Hawas did not show her the Pyramids plateau himself , it seems that he learned his lesson not to deal with stupid women after Beyonce. 
Why she does not wear something in her ugly feet !!? I hope that these photos for her over the camel would not be used for our tourism posters
I wonder which newspaper or lifestyle magazine will score an interview with Paris , i believe Abdullah Kamal and Ali Ibrahim should interview her both
Now I got important question : What is the relation between Akhbar Al Youm and the car industry and trade in Egypt ? Why does the state owned publishing house hold a car show !!?? I do not think that the Amin brothers wanted to be associated with anything other than press !!
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  1. She looks soooooo beautiful............I mean the camel!

  2. of course you meant the camel ,lol


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