Egyptian Chronicles: Spies are Falling Down

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spies are Falling Down

I think you have heard that Poland arrested one of the suspects in the Mabhouh's murder in another big flop for the Mossad and Israel in general right after the Gaza flotilla attack scandal. 

Der Spiegel reported that the Polish authorities at the request of Germany arrested an Israeli suspect connected to the Mabhouh's assassination at Warsaw airport. According to the report he was traveling through Warsaw airport under the name "Uri Brodsky".

"Brodsky" was allegedly used  a German passport with the name of Michael Bodenheimer.There is a political tension between Poland, Germany and Israel as later asked Poland not to extradite Brodsky. Strangely Dubai was no where in this short film which has not finished yet.

We leave spies who kill and move to spies who rape. Do You remember Andrew Warren ?? The CIA superstar who headed the CIA station in Algeria and raped couple of women there !!?? Warren who was very interesting subject to the Egyptian media due to his work in Cairo before Algiers made headlines in the last couple of weeks. Warren was arrested after a big show , a show from his side and from the FBI's side to track him down. The man was flashing himself in front of his neighbor and the FBI had to be subdued…etc a crazy black comedy that reminds me with Coen brothers' Burn after read.

Despite Warren's claims that he was set up by the Algerian regime, he has pleaded guilty from two days ago for raping two Algerian women during his work , the sentence is scheduled for September 9,2010. He faces a maximum of 10 years in prison , a $250,000 fine and a lifetime supervised release. He will also be registered as sex offender after his release.Of course I expect that he can die in jail to protect the agency. 

Now Debbie Reynolds of Neocons believe that he was spying for Islam , after reading her rant I believe she is the one on drugs !!??

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  1. This is for Z and all the follower of her blog.
    The 'Spies are Falling Down' story is very tame compared to Ted Gundersnon's (former Bureau Cheif L.A.)interview of Chip Tatum (ex CIA officer)as seen on UTube
    This is a hair raising tale for all to see.

  2. Do you know the famous joke : (Shlomo the spy is no the third floor...) ???


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