Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Even The CBE Governor Can't Change History

I have noticed something especially last month , the six days war month ; our media has completely forgotten about Abdel Hakim Amar and his responsibility in that humiliating defeat.
Tarek Amar

Does Tarek Amar , the CEO of NBE have a hand in this matter !!?? Tarek Amar is the nephew of Abdel Hakim Amar and despite being the youngest public bank CEO ever, he proved that he is successful . As one of the most powerful bankers in the Egyptian financial world and as a faithful proud Upper Egyptian , I know that Amar will use his power to enhance the negative public perception about his family in all possible ways. He is the already the second public figure in the Amar family after his controversial uncle.
Tarek Amar is proud of his uncle whom he believes that he was a hero who paid the price for loving Egypt according to an interview I read from a while ago. If you want to see this pride in action , then you can go back to his feud with Adel Hamouda , the chief in editor who wrote in his column that Tarek will lead NBE to defeat just like his uncle in the six days war. The feud with Hamouda moved to courts and Hamouda apologized to him afterwards officially. Professionally I believe Hamouda crossed his line by all means in his harsh criticism.
I began to think about this possibility when I found Abdullah Kamal speaking about Abdel Hakim Amar as a hero when he commented boldly and rudly about the 1967 POWs !!
Amar and Nasser
Aside from Wafd newspaper which naturally hates Nasser and blames him for the six days war , I do not think that both men were innocent or free from accountability. Nasser made a huge mistake when he insisted on having inexperienced Amar as minister of war even after his fiascos in 1956 Suez War , the Egyptian-Syrian unity and the Yemen war besides of course his deadly sinful decisions in the pre-six days war. Still we have to admit that Amar was too damn popular in the army that Nasser himself feared that his friend would lead a coup against him if he wanted to , at the end and as result of war on the throne , We lost not only Sinai but also Jerusalem. "I will not even going to discuss the Syrian front because what happened there in 1967 is not our responsibility nor Nasser's responsibility at all"
Amar had the opportunity to make a good strong army and fight back if he wanted too but instead he indulged himself with his crazy rock star life which was not the fake product of Nasser propaganda machine unlike what his family tries to convince the people now. It is enough to see who were the men of Amar to know what kind of person he war.
If I were Tarek Amar , I would put aside my Upper Egyptian pride and just try to make the people forget my uncle and focus in to my achievements so one day people will say : could not Abdel Hakim be like his young nephew !!??
Both men are equally guilty in front of Egypt , yes history is written by the winner and in the 1967 none of them had won but it was Egypt who had lost.


  1. Interesting perspective...but if you choose to blog about Egyptian history or politics the proper names and references should at a minimum be used. It should be Abdel Hakim Amer, not Amar, these are two different names both in Arabic as well as in the English translation/spelling. In addition, Tarek Amer is the Chairman of the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), not the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) as your title suggests. A little accuracy please!

  2. Thanks for the correction but regarding my title , well I know very well that Tarek is not the governor of the CBE my dear , it is mentioned in the post !! IT was deliberate title to show that even a man with the influence of the CBE governor can't change the history of Egypt


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