Saturday, July 17, 2010

Follow Up : Hani Sorour is An Innocent Man

Hani Sorour , the CEO of Hayedelena for Advanced Medical Industries Company has been found innocent along with all the other accused in the appeal of Hayedelena case after two years if I am not mistaken.

The famous NDPian medical supplies tycoon for sure is having his day despite the fact many now suspect in his innocence and consider it a result of his connections and powers.

Sorour's company was charged with with supplying 300,000 defective blood bags, valued at LE4 million.The case was exposed by ministry of health employee Sohair El-Sharkawy along with her colleague Sawsan Morsi which contained fungi and bacteria causing harm to patients during blood transfusion. El-Sharkawy has lost her job when she was demoted with no excuse by the orders of the ministry in a move that she interrupted as a revenge for exposing the Hayedelena affair. 

Is it the end of a famous case that made a honorable employee lose her job because she dared and exposed corruption !!?? God only knows , already if I am not mistaken the general prosecutor can appeal again against this verdict.


  1. who knows if this guy is really innocent or not

  2. You are such a bull xxitter!
    You simply have no idea what you are talking about or how many lies you told in this post you call an article above.
    This man has helped my family and so many families in return for nothing. He was jailed by Ahmed Ezz and Habib El-Adly due to the fact that he succeeded too much too soon. If he was so "in the bed" with Mubarak and the NDP, how come he spent a year in jail during this case?
    Not every successful or wealthy man became so on the cost of poor people, some men made their fortune fairly and transparently, and this man was one of them and this is why they had to find a ridiculous baseless story which the public won't understand like "bad blood bags" in order to jail him.
    I simply wish you meet him once so that you can feel horrible for all the disgusting claims you make. He is the most charitable businessman in the country, and he does it silently.


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