Saturday, July 17, 2010

Follow Up : What Is The Next Step

The number of signatories on the 7 demands statement of the NFC have reached today  in to 134,500
76,729 signatories have signed on the 7 demands statement at the Change official website at 4 PM CLT.
Signatories number in NFC website

57,771 signatories have signed on the 7 demands statement at 4:05 PM CLT at the Muslim brotherhood NFC website. Of course the number of the signatories have increased rapidly after the murder of Khaled Said and also after the lunch of the MB website , there is no doubt that the oldest official banned group got a lot of supporters.

Signatories' number in MB website

You can see here the number of the signatories in the MB website after its official launch by one hour to see how much they did achieve.
After the first hour of its launch
The Muslim brotherhood's participation is considered another political game the group play with the regime after knowing that they will have no place in the parliament this year unlike what happened in the last elections. Despite this game everyone even in the NFC know about , it will not be a bad thing to have more numbers of signatories as they send a message to the Mubarak regime and the more signatories on the statement , the more people will sign it.
FYI these signatures are only the ones that have been uploaded online so far besides the ones that have signed online already.According to news from bother NFC and the MB there are thousands of signatures
The youth of NFC have started gathering signatories at Egyptian resorts and beaches along their usual trips to the country side and various governorates.
Now the number is close to 150,000 many Egyptian signatories : What is the next step ??
As the number of signatories is increasing and with the current political conditions in Egypt , I have to repeat the question on my follow Egyptians : Will you sign the statement ??
On the other hand Dr.ElBaradei has spoken to Der Spiegel , you can read his interview with the famous German magazine in English here. Journalist Mary Wald made an interview with Dr. ElBaradei that will be posted in the Huffington post website by Monday , she describes her experience her phone interview with the doc here , it was initially 10 minutes interview that extended to 60 minutes. Wald is trying to convince Dr.ElBaradei to write for the

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