Sunday, July 18, 2010

Khairy Ramadan Apologizes to Khaled Said's family

Egyptian journalist and TV host Khairy Ramadan apologized publicly on air to Khaled Said's family , I think it should be highlighted this if we are  seeking professionalism in media.
Khairy Ramadan apologizes.

Ramadan has apologized after the decision of the general prosecutor to accuse the investigation officers of Sidi Gaber police station of faking reports about Khaled. Last month he launched an attack on Khaled Said's case supporter defamed the late young man as criminal addicted. 
Ramadan has apologized after reading the report of the general prosecutor which included that testimonies of the eye witnesses who saw Khaled beaten to death in the most horrible way ever.
Ramadan has apologized and I believe it is from the rare moments in similar cases in the National TV , this action is admirable because up till the official press in the country has not yet apologized to the family of Khaled Said for their attack and lies about the case.
Al Messa daily has continued its lies and attack on Khaled Said's family promoting the regime's lies that Said's brothers in the United States are converts to Judaism which made the people in Alexandria to boycott his 40th day memorial service on Friday !! 

This completely is untrue because yesterday for the fourth week in role a silent stand was held on his honor outside El-Ka'ad Ibrahim mosque peacefully and it is was a successful one.
The regime is trying to claim that Khaled's brothers have converted to Judaism and that is why the case as enlarged in the media abroad, ironically the official media in Egypt is being anti-Semitic in this matter. The Egyptian people did not believe these claims and even if it were true ,it is irrelevant thing to them  "even if Khaled's brothers were atheists , it is not a justification to kill an Egyptian citizen like that" a comment that I have frequently in the past week in the facebook groups and Egyptian forums.
One of Khaled's brother did not deny that he works in a governmental institution in Philadelphia according to what I understand and that he changed his name to a western one to avoid any harassment after 9/11 yet he is still a Muslim.  He also did not deny asking help from the American embassy which is totally a natural thing when you find in front of a criminal regime that does not kill your brother in cold bold but also defame him and his family. 
In London last Thursday the Egyptian Ambassador held the usual national day celebration , Egyptian activists stood outside the embassy and distributed pamphlets about Khaled Said and torture in Egypt on the guests. Again hats off to our wonderful Egyptian activists in the Egyptian community in London.


  1. Hi Z,

    Thank you for reporting this.

    Hooray for Khairy Ramadan! El Naschie Watch by the way has Ramadan's November 2009 interview of El Naschie with subtitles in several languages.

    I wanted to ask you about the following, which is what El Naschie said today in his Rosa Al-Youssef column:

    "من هذا المنطلق لا أستطيع أن أعبر عن مدي الألم الذي شعرته ومازالت أشعر به لموت شاب الإسكندرية في أحداث أليمة عبثية From this point I can not say how much pain that I felt and still feel the death of man in Alexandria painful events absurd."

    Is El Naschie talking about Khaled Said?

    One more thing lest your readers get a wrong impression from your statement "he changed his name to a western one to avoid any harassment after 9/11". Maybe he did it to feel more comfortable in his adopted country, but it is extremely rare for Americans to harass Muslims or anyone else on account of their names.

  2. @Jason , he was talking strangely about Khaled in Rosa !!
    Regarding the name change well actually my relatives faced harassment because of their names after 9/11 but now it is over

  3. This apology should be well regarded, but I would also like to to see the channel's viewership before his initial comments, after these comments and after the apology. If there is a trend there, I would then revise my (and maybe your) appreciation of his professionalism.

  4. We, the Sudanese, as manifested in the overwhelming editorials the day after Egypt lost to Algeria in Omdurman, are still waiting for Amr Adib to apologise for the insults, lies and slander he spewed on sattelite television...

  5. @Z, I am sorry to hear that. I guess there are always a few idiots.

  6. Uh Oh, is El Naschie talking about Zeinobia? ;)

    El Naschie says that Israel's ex Prime Minister Ehud Olmert used the kidnapping of border post soldier Gilad Shalit as a pretext for brutal crackdowns, and likens Olmert to those who demonstrate and cause instability over the "tragic incident" in Alexandria in which Khaled Said was killed by the police. (El Naschie still can't bring himself to use Mr. Said's name, or mention how he died.) Arabic or English.

  7. @Sherif , of course the viewership of the program was affected by his comments , people could not tolerate him

    @Africanist , well he should apologize to the Egyptian people first for his lies and collaboration to the regime, you are only angry because of his remarks about Um Darman "his wife and son were stuck there on that night" , but we are angry from him because other numerous incidents

    @Jason , now this is a man that writes in Rosa , this is the regime's talk ,I thought that there was something fishy about what he wrote first but now it makes perfect sense. He says that we are using his Khaled's murder just like other regime's speakers

  8. Zeinobia

    An Egyptian media icon insulting an 'Egyptian' or supporting the 'Egyptian' regime - or the type of 'humour' that 'Egyptians' subject themselves too is an 'Egyptian' issue.

    The standards applied 'nationally' cannot be equated with minimum standards that should be applied 'internationally' - and that are well known!

    On the point of how the Egyptian media caricatures the Sudanese and black Africans, Egyptian commentators on your blog have stated that the Egyptian media also does this to Egyptians from the countryside.
    I don't follow the logic - are two wrongs supposed to make a right?
    Besides, the 'Egyptian' media's treatment of 'Egyptians' is a national 'Egyptian' matter.

    Amr Adib's false statements about the failed security in Umd'u'rman (with a u not an a) and about the beatings Egyptians were subject to and about the incapacity of Sudan to host an international football match were:
    based on false premise,
    insulting and

    Is it not true that the Egyptian media's coverage of the match caused a diplomatic rift whereby the Egyptian Ambassador was summoned by the Sudanese Foreign Ministry?

    Is it not true that Amr Adib was the most vocal, most billious and most insulting member of the Egyptian media to slander Sudan and the Sudanese?

    Could you please provide proof that his wife and son were beaten on the night of the football match?

    And what do you make of the following statements by the Egyptian Ambassador in Khartoum?

    (Pay particular attention to the Egyptian Ambassador's statements from 6:10 onwards)

    And what do you make of this?

    And what do you make of the statements of this Sudanese diplomat?

    Foud was apprehended in the Lebanese restaurant Al-Saha at night, in the immediate aftermath of the match - and embarassing video of him lying was taken the morning after the match at an office in central Khartoum.

    Amr Adib is an insult to the Egyptian nation and you can and should do much better than that.

    Stop being an apologist and confusing issues.

    Amr Adib insulted the Sudanese nation and an apology was demanded - and is still pending.

    Equating the demand for an apology from a nation that was unduly insulted, with the obligation to apologise to compatriots for certain political views is difficult to logically justify and plain insulting and disrespectful.

  9. why do not try to reach for Adib show and demand an apology from him directly
    This is the show official channel
    Here is his facebook account!/alqaheraalyoum?v=wall
    Here is his official fanpage in facebook
    I am the wrong channel here ,he does not read or follow the Egyptian Chronicles I am afraid

  10. You think myself and countless other Sudanese haven't tried contacting him or leaving messages on the website?

    Forget us, he even 'still' refuses to take 'any' call from 'any' Sudanese journalist!

    It's like Heikal whose team refused to allow Dr. Al-Sadiq and Bakheita Al-Hadi Al-Mahdi to talk to him regarding his assertions on his programme in Al-Jazeera that their father Al-Imam Al-Hadi was killed not by a a gun-shot wound to the hip by the border guard at the Sudanese-Ethiopian border near Kurmuk, as verified by forensics, but by a mango that was either poisoned or was a dummy bomb.

    One wonders why there is so much disrespect and not enough courage to face one's words...

  11. @Sudanese Observer: how are your comments relevant to the topic of the post?!
    Z is right instead of ranting at us here just take your arguments straight to the ones you are not happy with. Filling almost every Z post with the same type of comments wont achieve any thing, none of us here have control over the media.

  12. If my understanding is correct you (collectively) are voicing your dissatisfaction with certain things in Egypt - mostly political.

    The media is part of the problem and part of a solution and there have been posts both critical and favourable to particular media snippets.

    You have no control over the media but you try to mobilise yourselves in order to voice your dissatisfaction over certain issues - you use facebook other internet platforms and sometimes you mobilise enough people to catch the attention of the international media.

    So whereas you have no 'direct' control over the media, you are working towards having more influence and say in your country - towards having more 'democracy'.

    You may not like the things that we post, but that will not stop myself and others from doing so, that will also not make the problems we highlight 'disappear' - out of sight and out of mind.

    Every post made about the Nile basin or the Aswan Dam is related to Sudan and the rotten deal that was weaseled by AbdelNasser from Sudan's first military administration.

    Every post made about Egypt and 'occupied territories' is related to Sudan whose land is illegally militarily occupied by Egyptian forces whilst the Egyptian government refuses to take the matter before international arbitration.

    Every post made about any descendant of Muhammad Ali where they are referred to as a sovereign 'of Sudan' will invoke the scorn of the Sudanese and their desire to 'educate' others on what the Mahdist Revolution was all about.

    Every post made about the related to Sudan and this is perhaps the most important point in our globalised world.
    The racist depiction of the Sudanese and black Africans is tolerated in the Egyptian media and this is wrong.
    When Egyptian media icons insult the Sudanese, this is met with nonchalance and a proverbial shrugging of the shoulders.

    You may not like the things that we post, but that will not stop myself and others from doing so, that will also not make the problems we highlight 'disappear' - out of sight and out of mind.

  13. @Sudanese Observer:
    No one told you not to post, do whatever you want but I dnt see a point in repeating over and over the same stuff and also forcing these points even when the post is about something else.
    You are avoiding the main point here that instead of ranting to us over and over, go and take your issues with the ones who actually said/did such stuff.
    If you are so upset with our media, why not send emails, letters, messages ect to those behind the movies and progs that you found to be insulting?!! I suggest you start with Mr. Said Hamed, your fellow countryman.

    Also, just bec in your own point of view these issues are highly important and even if we agree with you on some or even all that doesnt mean that we all see them as pressing for the time being.

  14. Anonymous

    We do send e-mails, letters and messages to those in charge of the media in Egypt.

    And nothing seems to change on the ground.

    But typically you would like it to be swept under the table...

    Increasing 'public awareness' of a problem is a means of addressing it.

    And for your information Said Hamed was slaughtered for one of the successful films (in Egypt) that he directed - and you know very well that his contributions are a drop in the ocean and the empirical evidence is there - Ahmad Hilmy and even Adel Imam are culprits in their racism towards black people.

    When Egyptian media icons insult the Sudanese, this is met with nonchalance, defensiveness and a proverbial shrugging of the shoulders.

    Take this as an exercise in accepting different views and opinions in your quest towards pluralism and democracy...

  15. Sudanese Optimist7/21/2010 02:00:00 PM

    Nothing seems to change until gallup polls indicate that the Sudanese don't like the 1959 Agreement and / or until Sudanese public figures re-assert Sudan's sovereignty over occupied Halayeb - when that happens the Egyptian media machine goes into a frenzy recycling moth-eaten slogans about being 'one people', dragging out conspiracy theories centred around Israel (which is Egypt's peace partner) and insulting and threatening the impudence of the Sudanese who dare to have such views.


  16. @Sudanese Observer: I dont like seeing any thing swept under any rugs, You wont be the one teaching me or others any thing about democracy. Stop acting as if you know better or are here to teach us a lesson if any thing it makes ppl disinterested in what you write. I dnt think making ppl aware of a problem will happen when u keep on repeating the same stuff over and over again even when the original post has nothing to do with what you wrote.
    Im really not sure what you meant when saying Said Hamed was slaughtered, as far as I know the man is alive and kicking.
    Again, you are promoting the idea of a conspiracy theory about a supposed public plan to mock Africans, or Sudanese, I cant really tell which you mean bec sometimes you say sudanese some other times you say Africans!! What me and others are saying is that your starting point is flawed there is no intentional public plan to target you or any body else.
    @Sudanese Optimist: If it makes you feel better, we are not one. I for one hate how sentiments are used in politics. We are two countries since we decided to let go of Sudan. I wish we get a proper regime that applies interests in our foreign relations and not slogans or sentiments. Bare in mind though, this might come to the detriment of many Sudanese as well. As for Halayeb, learn to realize there is a different story that is recognized internationally with evidence and that your case isnt as strong as you dream for it to be.
    Israel is a friend of our regime but certainly not our ppl and this is a well known fact. israel has been active in Africa and your own country has so many powers playing their games in it. Learn to realize such facts since you are on the verge of separation and stop blaming Egypt for doing what all other powers interested in Sudan are doing, looking our for its own interests.
    Nothing will change between us as long as you keep on blaming us for your own misery. We didnt lead your country down the separation road and we certainly didnt cause you to have a criminal president.

  17. Did any Sudanese commentator say anything about a public plan to mock the Sudanese?

    Or have we been saying that the racism in the Egyptian media has existed for far too long and it is a problem and it should be admitted to and changed.

    Do you think the way that the Sudanese and other Africans (there is no discernible distinction between the Sudanese and Africans in this regard in the backward manner both are portrayed) are depicted in the Egyptian media in blackface is acceptable???

    And slaughtered was meant in a figurative not literal sense...

    If there is no 'intentional plan' as you say - whilst the end result of the action in question is 'negative' - do you think something should be done about it???

    Or are you the same anonymous who said 'we won't change the way we joke'?

    All the apologists for the way Egypt portrays the Sudanese and black Africans 'need to be educated' on cultural sensibilities and they need to catch up with the rest of the world...

    And all our posts have proven 'nothing' when you say Egypt 'decided' to let Sudan go...
    Please do a bit of research before making unsubstantiated and insulting comments.
    The motto of the independence movement in Sudan was 'Sudan for the Sudanese' and they realised, like you do - that the Sudanese and Egyptians are 'not' one peoples.
    Egypt was in Sudan as a ceremonial custodian after the defeat of the Mahdist State by Britain in 1899 - 'the horse that dragged the British carriage on our land' in the words of al-Imam AbdalRahman Al-Mahdi and the fact that a Unionist led parliament headed by a Unionist voted in favour of complete independence flies in the face of the sterotypical, self-aggrandizing Egyptian statement that 'Egypt gave Sudan away'.
    That is like Britain saying she 'gave India away'.
    No nation or nationals speak of the independence struggle of other nations in such disrespectful terms.
    This is another thing you need to be 'educated' on.
    The Brits lobbied for Sudan's independence and al-Imam AbdalRahman Al-Mahdi and his Ansar would have gained Sudan's independence over torrents of blood either way.

    Regarding Sudan's occupied territory - Halayeb - if you're so confident of Egypt's case are you in favour of taking the dispute before international arbitration???

    Sudan's eminent separation was mandated by all the Sudanese political forces in Asmara and Machakos...

    At least the other countries that are looking out for their interests are real 'powers' that have the clout to benefit the Sudanese just like Israel has benefited Egypt - through the billions in economic and military aid, the QIZ and accession to the WTO...

    Egypt isn't really a power and it doesn't have anything to offer the Sudanese...

    Could you provide any evidence of any Sudanese commentator blaming Egypt for any of Sudan's problems - apart from the illegal military annexation of Halayeb and the 1959 Agreement?

    Most other points raised have dealt with differing views with regards to history and racism in Egypt's media - views that you obviously cannot tolerate - well, once more, take it as an exercise in pluralism and democracy

    And for the millionth time personally I don't like Sudan's President, nor does Sudanese Optimist so stating the 'fact' that he is wanted by the ICC means absolutely nothing...

    One thing's for sure, if he had done what Egypt did and established diplomatic relations with Israel he wouldn't have been indicted
    = )


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