Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Follow Up : Khaled Said Trial "Day 1" Live

From an hour ago the trial of the year , the trial of Khaled Said was supposed to start in Alexandria yet according to journalists there the trial itself has not started yet till 9.30 AM.We do not know the number of Khaled Said's case in the role. For the record the two police agents are facing excessive use of force charge and not murder charge , also officer Ahmed Othman , who came to the crime scene according to the eye witnesses is off the hook.
Amnesty international called for the protection of witnesses in Khaled's trial after the attack on Tamer Abdel Manam last week.
There are thousand of police elements whether in the uniform or undercovered in the street.
Youm 7 is transferring the trial on air through Qik , you can watch it below :

 Only the journalists with security journalists are able to cover the trial inside. Already TV journalist and activist Bothaina Kamal is there and is reporting from twitter that the BBC crew was not allowed to cover the trail inside the court house.
The post will be updated frequently so please refresh it.
There is currently a pro-Khaled Protest outside the court that started with hundreds trying to break the usual siege of the security forces and has ended now with about 1000 protester.
You can watch it live here from Philip Rizk

 There is also a counter protest allegedly organized by the families of the two agents , of course from the pictures and the banners you will know that it was actually organized by the MOI "Pictures from Bothiana Kamel"  The banners as you can see are expensive compared to the usual banners with woods and fancy fonts !! The families of the agents can't afford these banners.
The chants according to eye witnesses are so pathatic and insulting "What the drugs addicts want !!??" , also there was an antisemitic chant too and do not ask why or how !!
These are police agents
Police is our security , look to the banners , you know NDP banners
Throwing treason charges on the other protesters

Update :1
There is currently a recess to debliberate the next steps of Khaled's trial.
TV host Moataz Matar of Modern TV "the channel covered the incident since day one" was not allowed to enter the court room , of course he may not have that authorization.
Here is a photo for Khaled's mother Mrs. Laila when she arrived to the court along with her daughter by Bothiana Kamel.

Mrs. Laila who is looking older everyday
Update : 2
The court has ended today's round
The pro-Khaled Protest is getting bigger and the security is being pushed , the girls are chanting anti-Mubarak slogans and the boys are asking them to stop for fear the reaction of the security. Already the security forces started to beat and harass the protesters.
The head of Alexandria security directorate is there.

The court adjourned the trial to the next 25 September 2010 with the detention of the accused.
The violence against the protesters was caught in tape , please wait for it.
More photos from the court by AP

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  1. Despite the very sad and alarming nature of this case, I have to say we have to give credit to the idiots who are responsible for planning the gov/regime tactics to crack down on the opposition. The reason I'm saying that is because they made me laugh so hard, reading how those rented to cheer for the police (reported to have left in police amn markazy cars) have actually used one of the most famous MBH chants against the those who showed up today calling for justice for Khaled Said. Z you know which slogan Im referring to. In a way its reassuring that those behind the regime are either stupid or have gone mad.

  2. Professionally made signs. The protest looks planned and paid for. In Britain they call them rent-a-mobs. They seem to have no idea how stupid they look.


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