Monday, August 23, 2010

Egypt Scores The first Gold Medal in Archery

Ibrahim with his Gold medal
Ibrahim Sabri of Egypt’s national team of Archery has scored Egypt’s first gold medal in archery for the first time in the Youth Olympics 2010 , in fact in any Olympics in that sport as far as I recall
His name is Ibrahim Sabri , please recall that name because he will return back home to Egypt and the media will ignore him as expected. Sabri won in an amazing victory as far as I understand.
I know members of our Egyptian national team of archery with its different kinds personally and I know that they are trying their best to score excellent results and they have already scored excellent results in international competitions. It is enough that the team is the one that spent on that sport unlike our dear footballers !!
This is a good cheerful news.
By the way Egypt beat Singapore 50-7 in the handball !!


  1. They're not wearing hijabs and veils. That's sexist.

  2. Dear Jason you will be so surprised to know that most of our women archery team is made of veiled ladies including my BBF who won a medal from Germany last month.

  3. You're pulling my leg. Really?!

  4. jeez Z, what is your problem with football players?!!They work hard too!

  5. "They're not wearing hijabs and veils. That's sexist. "

    hahaha omg please, not again with this whole veil debate!!=S


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