Egyptian Chronicles: Ramadan's Arabian Nights : Aladdin And The Magic Lamp "1"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan's Arabian Nights : Aladdin And The Magic Lamp "1"

I was from the last generation that knew One thousands and one night aka Arabian nights from Ramadan , I was from the last generation that watched episodes based upon the famous book in Ramadan nights during the 30 days ; I became attached to the book because of these series besides of course Kamel Keilany's Children books.
The TV series were usually based upon the famous One thousands and one night radio show that was presented in the Egyptian radio for 26 years in the past.
The men who brought it to the radio were : The father of Egyptian radio Mahmoud Shabaan and Egyptian writer Taher Abu Fasha ; who brought the Nights back not only to the Egyptian modern memory but also the Arabic modern memory. Both men presented more than 800 episodes for 26 years making a huge base of fans across the Arab world. The beautiful and easy script and the powerful dramatic vocal capabilities of the actors then , made it a magical experience. Abu Fasha made a fantastic job in editing the Nights to make easier and family friendly using both Classic Arabic along with our Egyptian dialect to make it easier for ordinary people to enjoy that masterpiece.
Zozo Nabil in late 1980s 
I heard about it from my Grandma and how she used to sit and enjoy the wonderful voice of Abdel Rahim El-Zarkany as Shahyar  and Zozo Nabil as Scheherazade. Zozo Nabil was from our famous drama queens in Egypt in last century , she reached to legendary status with her voice as Scheherazade. I knew her when she was old participating in the modern One thousands and one TV series1 and in other TV series as a guest star. Many Egyptians actors and radio hosts from the Golden age participated in the radio show that was a hit series in the past. Now my generation was not that lucky to listen to this radio treasure but thank God for Classic Arabic fans in forums like Zaryab and Sama3ay that got recordings for these episodes which should be reserved in Bibliotheca Alexandria's memory of modern Egypt.
Now after this little introduction I will present to you a single episode from the original radio show this Ramadan insh Allah every night and I will start night with the famous story of Aladdin , it is in Arabic but to make easier it is a combination between Aladdin story and the thief of Baghdad but more funnier. If I am not mistaken the voice of Aladdin's mother was Amal Zaid.
This is part one from Aladdin , it is long ,about 50 minutes still you will not feel the time.

P.S I was inspired to do this little project here by my dear friend Yazeed Smile
1. I used to get scared from her when I was a kid because she used to appear the villainess in the series 
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  1. من الذي لا يحب زينوبيا .. كل سنه وسيادتك بخير

  2. الله يسعدك ويجدد افراحك وايامك الحلوه دائما وابدا شكرا لرقي اخلاقك .

  3. Zeinobia aren't you gonna blog about all those antisemitic films you broadcast in Egypt on Ramadan? Oh, wait, I forgot, Egypt is not a racist country. LOL.

  4. Merci awy ya zienab 3ala maghoodek el ra2e3 ...bgad fakarteny b2ayam 7lwa


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