Egyptian Chronicles: Al Wafd Party Goes To Elections : Where Is The News !!??

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Al Wafd Party Goes To Elections : Where Is The News !!??

So Al Wafd party supreme committee has decided not to boycott the coming parliamentary elections next November 2010 , I do not know where the new news in this !!??

It was well expected and known that Al Wafd party can’t boycott the elections as the opposition forces and groups hoped for and as a fraction in the party itself wanted to but since when Al Wafd party had the guts to stand against the regime like that !!??

I know that Sayid Badawy gave hope to some that the party may boycott the elections but it was a fake hope with my all due respect , the decision of not boycotting the elections was already taken days before that charade on Friday ; please do not tell me it was taken in a democratic process and that there was a bloody war between Badawy and Abaza because on the same day the Wafdists kept debating whether they go to the elections or not , we found out by the end of the day they will go for the elections in more than 300 chairs !!?? It seemed to me that they are so organized that they made their decision to go for the elections and where they would compete at the same time !!

We all had our hopes for sure but we should have known better for God sake.

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