Egyptian Chronicles: Restoring Orabi

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Restoring Orabi

Ahmed Orabi stood on the 9th of September 1881 on the gates of Abdeen palace confronting Khedive Tewfik with the demands of the Egyptian army , he stood there and said his historical remarkable words :
Allah created us as free men , Allah did not create us as inheritance or piece of property and  by Almighty that there is no God except Allah ,we will not be inherited nor enslaved after today.
It was the first rebellion movement in the army that met a huge acceptance from the public and unlike how it seems what started as a movement to restore the rights of Egyptian officers in their Egyptian army ended with restoring several civil rights of Egyptians in general.
Now on the 21st of September 2010 after few hours a group of Egyptian activists and Egyptian politicians will try to restore Orbai’s spirit and his historical moment at the time where Egypt and Egyptians are being dealt as a piece of property moved from the father to the son !!
In Orabi’s footsteps Egyptian activists will have stand in Cairo and Alexandria 5 PM according to their local times in front of Abdeen Palace and Ras El-Tin Palace respectively.
Hamdeen Sabhi will be from the prominent faces that will join the event and he is already urging Egyptians to join it , I wish that Mohamed ElBaradei would have done the same especially he seemed to be a good reader to our history. 
Hamdeen calls for a protest in front of Abdeen Palace
Ibrahim Eissa has called the public to participate in this peaceful stand in front of Abdeen Palace.

We could not have this important stand or protest on the 9th of September because it was the Eid.
The front to defend Egypt’s protesters has published this post with the telephone numbers of lawyers to present any legal support
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  1. Naming a movement after a looser.
    On September 1888 Orabi abandoned his army and fled to Cairo after he lost the battle at Tel-El-Kebir when Sir Garnet Wolseley' British army defeated his troops.
    In Cairo Orabi wrote to the Khedive requesting his pardon and mercy.

  2. From where did you get this information Mr. Anonymous??

    Actually and first of all, your distorted piece of information has a fatal error which only reflects that you have gotten your information from a suspicious source..

    Battle of Tel el-Kebir was on September 13, 1882 not in 1888.. Concerning the flee of Orabi, every student in the 3rd preparatory year in the Egyptian schools knows that the progression of defeat of the Egyptian Army started with betrayal of traitors within in Battle of Tel el-Kebir and they also know that Orabi fought for the very last moment and never left the battle field till his arrest by the English army and Khedive's men along with Abd El-Aal Helmy, Mahmoud Samy El-Baroudy, Ali Fahmy, Ali Sha'arawi and others who were then transferred to Cairo for trial.

    إذا كنتم تزيفون ارادة الناس في الحاضر, فلا تزيفوا التاريخ حتى نترك شيئا ذا قيمة لأبنائنا واحفادنا في المستقبل

  3. @ Refaat 9/23/2010 09:20:00 PM
    You are correct, it was 1982 and not 1988 (typo error)
    My sources stand correct if you read the history of Tel-El-Kebir war
    The war was not lost due to betrayal but because of low army moral and their quick surrender.
    The Indian regiment fought viciously and scared the hell out of the Egyptian army resulting in their surrender and fleeing the battle scene.
    Orabi fled to Zagazig then to Cairo.
    Read on.


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