Egyptian Chronicles: And Now We Have The Free Patriots !!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

And Now We Have The Free Patriots !!

Kuwaiti Al Jarida newspaper claimed that it received a statement from a secret vanguard organization called “ The Free patriots” , yes a secret vanguard that is announcing its existence in Egypt !!??

Please do not ask me on how it could be a secret vanguard when it announces about itself and its structure not to mention its mission which is to topple the current regime through civil disobedience !!

The Kuwaiti newspaper which seemed to be following the internal issues of Egypt very closely recently claimed that that was statement no.1 so we should expect more statements to come !!

I do not know why on earth and heavens a secret opposition vanguard group in Egypt would send statements to a Kuwaiti newspaper which is totally unknown in Egypt !!? Should not they post for a newspaper like Al Hayat for example like the unknown Omar Soliman presidency candidacy support group !!??

The newspaper did not show a copy from that statement to show it is a real thing not a bluff , in fact I believe it is a bluff ,nothing more and nothing less !!!

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  1. I am an Iranian American and proud of being Iranian"Persian". Is it racism ?
    OK my friend,I looked everywhere in the internet to find any sign of a site promoting the fact that Egiptians are NOT Arab . Your people carry the oldest history in the world and certainly the most civilized nation in the past . What happened to your nation and culture and LANGUAGE?
    Abdolnasser is said to be a patriot!! What he did was nothing but strengthening your ties with the Arab nations . Man,I don't know....may be Egiptians realy are Arab and hisory is somehow lost here!!I have a great respect for Egipt History . Please clear my mind of what is going on in the mind of intellectual Egiptians .Regards,

  2. We are proud of being Egyptians and also Arabs , Ebrahim ,the Egyptian culture is made of all these cultures that came and lived in the Valley of the Nile including the Arab culture that came from 1400
    We believe that lady Hager , the mother of Prophet Ismail was an Egyptian Princess from the South , so partially we are linked it to the Arabs , in fact they are linked to us

    The Arab nationalism is older than Nasser , it goes back to Mohamed Ali Pasha himself and his son Ibrahim , the Arab League was formed during
    Our culture uniqueness is being open and absorbing to other cultures
    The ancient Egyptian terms are still used in our daily language
    Our Nation is fine
    We do not have this rivalry like the one between you and the Arabs


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